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2004 Chrysler Pacifica: door actuator..air flow..vents..blend door

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I want to replace the mode door actuator in a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. I have air flow through vents only.
I take out the kick panel and can see the 3 actuators, the other 2 being the blend door actuators. The mode door actuator (I think) is the one on top and I can't reach it.
Could you walk me through the steps on what I need to remove to get to it? I read through other forums that have the diagram on where the actuators are, but it's not that helpful for the mode door actuator replacement and the actual steps....


Here is Chrysler procedures for all 3

it is a tight squeeze

see if this helps


click links below


Blend Door Actuator Replacement


Mode Door Actuator Replacement


Recirculation Door Actuator Replacement






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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

HI - thanks for this, it helps.

Would it be possible to get some more detail on this step:


2. remove silencer from drivers side - this is the step i'm not sure of, or what the sliencer actually is...




remove silencer from drivers side


That is the "hush panel" under the dash that hides all the wires, etc.
Some do not have, depending on Interior options






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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks - is there any type of diagram that would point this panel out...I think I'm taking out the right panel, but there is no way I can reach the almost seems like I have to take the console off to get to it....


I have looked thru all diagrams that Chrysler shows ( very few) & cannot find a diagram of the lower Panel.
This panel covers the under part of the dash, so the wires & cables do not show & adds a quiet barrier.
It is not present on all models
It is a tight squeeze & removal of the Radio & Heat Controls "may" help you see, but not to gain access, as it is done from the side as shown

Also, this is what the manual shows for the Dash removal "with NO diagrams"


Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
Remove center console closeout panel.
Remove front floor console assembly.
Remove floor console base assembly two screws attaching L-brackets to Instrument panel.
Remove nuts attaching the floor braces to instrument panel.
Remove steering column opening cover.
Remove inflatable knee blocker four mounting screws.
Remove two screws attaching instrument panel trim outlet plate.
Using a trim stick C-4755 or equivalent, disengage the locking tabs attaching instrument panel trim plate.
Disengage the braking brake handle from brake park release bracket, leave rod engage.
Remove instrument panel reinforcement.
Disconnect bulkhead wiring harness connectors.
Disconnect body control module wiring connectors.
Remove upper and lower steering columns shrouds.
Disconnect steering column wiring connectors.
disconnect steering column pinch bolt and retaining nuts (4).
Disconnect brake light wiring connectors.
Remove steering column retaining nuts.
Remove shift interlock cable.
Remove both left and right side A-pillar trim.
Remove and discard instrument panel end caps.
Remove both front door sill scuff plates.
Remove both cowl side trim panel.
Disconnect the antenna lead connector.
Remove the glove box:
Push in on side of glove box bin and lower door.
Pivot glove box downward and disengage hinge hooks from instrument panel.
Remove glove box from vehicle.
Disconnect the aibag module electrical connector.
Remove top cover.
Remove mounting screws attaching right instrument panel side cowl bracket (roll down).
Disconnect HVAC electrical connectors.
Disconnect (3) electrical connectors behind cowl panel.
Disconnect right side electrical connector form A-pillar.
remove (2) screws attaching the instrument panel frame to the dash panel below windshield opening.
With the help of an assistant remove the instrument panel from vehicle. Lift the instrument up off the HVAC so you won't damage the sealing surface of the distribution duct.
Note: If the instrument panel is being replaced, transfer all parts to the new instrument panel assembly







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