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1999 cirrus lxi: 10 miles..idel..ok and it goes off over 1k rpm

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I have a 1999 cirrus lxi. The oil light comes on after about 10 miles at idel. The level is ok and it goes off over 1k rpm. The engine light is on because the EGR valve needs replacing. The car has 123k miles. My though is to put heavier weight oil and sell it.

Is there any noise when the oil light comes on- metallic tapping noise or deeper knocking noise?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have not heard any noise.

Although this may be the beginning of the oil pump going out, it also can be just a faulty oil pressure sensor. Before deciding to sell the vehicle, it would make sense to have the oil pressure sensor tested and oil pressure checked with a oil pressure guage while it is being driven in order to know which is the problem.

If the sensor is faulty, it is about $90-110 parts and labor to replace, and if the pump, then almost $800 to replace. If the pump, then depending upon the condition of the rest of the car, you might decide it is worth the repair, or time to get rid of it and sell it.

If the pump, 20w50 will help keep the oil pressure up some.
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