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garrtim, service manager
Category: Chrysler
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s 05 cruiser is suddenlly smothering..smoke..quart..30 miles

Resolved Question:

my employee's '05 cruiser is suddenlly smothering down and clattering . also is producing
exaust smoke ( excessive amount ) that smells like sulpher. used a quart of oil in about 30 miles. has a bad miss even after replacing plugs . it is a turbo 2.4 ltr. modle. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks RT
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  garrtim replied 6 years ago.

garrtim :

hello, odds are we have a headgasket failure - this would explain engine miss and oil consumption


thanks. but what about the other symptoms: the valve clatter, the smothering down. are these related to a bad head gaskit? please elaborate and i'll have no problem with acceptance. thanks RT

garrtim :

sorry for delay-- yes those all can be related -- the next step is to do an engine compression test -- what we ae looking for is a weak cylinder

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