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2001 Chrysler: the power steering resevoir..3.8L..mounts..connector

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How do you remove the power steering resevoir on a 3.8L 2001 Chrysler Town and Country. There are two bolts that are readily accessible where the resevoir mounts to the engine, but there apparently is another connector that I cannot see. I am trying to replace the ignition coil pack and the resevoir is just above the four bolt preventing me from removing it.

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On the very bottom of the reservoir there is one more fastener. At the very bottom of the reservoir there is a single 10mm nut on a stud that attaches the reservoir. This will be somewhat hard to see unless you know where to look, using a flashlight or drop light will help. The nut faces rearward. Using a deep well 10mm socket and a 6" extension, come in from the back side over top of the coil with the socket facing forward and slide it onto the nut once you find it. Once you're on the nut just loosen it a few turns. The bottom of the reservoir is slotted, and once the nut is loosened a couple turns then you can pull the reservoir straight up and off the stud.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank You!!!! I will need to get an extension, but that will help a great deal. The coil seems straightforward. Is there anything special I need to be aware of aside from marking my spark plug wires and disconnecting the battery. I saw some reference to silicone compound of some kind that might need to be applied, but wasn't sure if I was referencing the right information. Thanks again

Replacing the coil isn't hard and you should be fine. Once the reservoir is out of the way you will remove the plug wires, the coil electrical connector, and then remove the nuts that hold the coil. If you have Mopar plug wires on the van they will already be marked for which cylinder they are, but if they aren't it's still not a big deal. The coil is marked for each cylinder. The cylinders facing the firewall are 1, 3, and 5, the front bank is 2, 4, and 6.


It's always a good idea to use a little silicone dielectric grease on the inside of the plug wire boots. You can pick up a small packet or tube of this at a parts store for a couple dollars. Just a little smeared inside the boots will keep moisture from entering the connection and corroding the coil terminal and plug wire terminal.

sprinkles08 and 3 other Chrysler Specialists are ready to help you

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