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2 sensors, low-reverse solenoid in transmission, ignition module

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SES engine light on immediately at start-up, car goes into limp-in mode. Sometimes clears after a few starts out of limp-in mode, sometimes it stays in limp-in mode, and light does not clear. Have replaced 2 sensors, low-reverse solenoid in transmission, ignition module. Still get a P0753 code yet the solenoid is working in transmission. Seems to be getting worse as Minnesota weather gets colder. Car is 2002 Chrysler sebring LXI with only 18,000 miles on it, original tires, & clean engine. No previous problems.

Need to mention that the wiring harness has been checked a couple of times, and a bent pin was found going into PCM, also two "suspicious grounds." When the low reverse solenoid was installed so was new pigtail wiring. Car has also been kicked into limp-in mode going 60 mph as well as just on start up, although recent incidences have been on start-up. When the scanner is plugged in on start-up the problem is not replicated.

Three dealerships have looked at this car. The service manager says they know there is a power drain causing the SES light to come on and put the car in limp-in mode--just can't trace the intermittent drain.

ChryslerTech10 :

Hello and welcome to As I have read your description of the problem and viewed all the applicable trouble data for the P0753 code I would have to say that it is very likely that you have a fault internal to the PCM. These will also show symtoms more often with extreme temperature fluctuations as the circuit boards expand and contract slightly. If you have already relaced the trans. solenoid assembly and inspected the harness and have found a bent terminal at the pcm it is very likely the PCM will need to be replaced to resolve this issue. I would replace the A/T control relay in the underhood fuse block either way as this could contribute to eroneous resistance readings at the PCM. My suggestion is to replace both these parts. I have seen these PCMs do this before and based on your tests would recomend this. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you so much! I have relayed the information to the service manager handling the car, and he said this was his next step. Confirmation from you is good because he was reluctant to have me buy a PCM and then have it turn out to be unnecessary. Happy Holidays to you!

Thank you. I hope all goes well with this.