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2004 Chrysler pt cruiser: s oil light..going down..hill..accelerating

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My 2004 Chrysler pt cruiser's oil light keeps coming on and the alarm sounds when we come to a stop. It has oil and it has recently been changed, now it does it when slowing down and when going down a hill. It doesn't do it if the gas is above a half tank or if you are accelerating. What is causing this and is there a way to disable the sound?

This is actually a fairly common problem on these vehicles. Most commonly, the Oil Pressure Switch loses it's internal resistance, and when at idle, reports a faulty reading on the oil pressure. Replacing the Oil Pressure Switch should solve the problem.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Does this need to be done by the dealer? And do you know approx how much it will cost?

This is a job any local shop can handle. No need to go to the Dealer. You'll even save money by letting a local shop do the job, since they charge less for parts and labor. The switch will cost around $30 (give or take) and the labor isn't even an hour. Labor rates vary from shop to shop, so what you pay for labor will effect the botXXXXX XXXXXne.


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