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2006 PT cruiser: electrical problems..blinkers..bulbs..the headlights

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I have a 2006 PT cruiser that is apparently experiencing electrical problems. The blinkers do not work but all bulbs blink when I turn on the hazard lights. Also, the headlights turn on when I start the car and do not turn off. Vehicle does not have DRLs. I am thinking a relay or a fuse is bad. Can anyone help?
you have 2 problems first for the blinkers you need combo flasher it is open second for the lights staying on the multifunction switch is also open and needs to be replaced.
If you still need help just let me know
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Jeff. Thanks for the answer. Where would I locate the combo flaher and multifunction switches? Are they easy to replace? If not something I could do at home, is it expensive to replace?
Not sure of you mechanical ability as if you can do at home or not but will attach the information. I would start with replacing the mulitfunction switch as it may fix all the problems. if you can't do the repair plan on around $200.00 to have the part replaced. The switch is on the left side and what you use when turning on the turn signals.

Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
  1. Remove both the upper and lower shrouds from the steering column.
  2. Remove the one screw (3) that secures the left multi-function switch (2) on the right side of the SCCM (1).


  1. Pull the switch (2) straight away from the SCCM (1) far enough to access the electrical connector (3) to disconnect it from the SCCM.
  2. Disconnect the instrument panel wiring harness from the back of the left multi-function switch.
  3. Remove the switch (2) from the SCCM (1).


  1. Position the left multi-function switch in the slot in the back of the Steering Column Control Module (SCCM) (1) and connect the switch connector (3).
  2. Connect the instrument panel wiring harness connector to the back of the left multi-function switch.
  1. Align switch with the SCCM (2) and slide toward steering column.
  2. Install the screw (2) that secures the switch (3) to the SCCM (1).
  3. Install the upper and lower shrouds onto the steering column.
  4. Connect the battery negative cable.

brownjeff and 2 other Chrysler Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks Jeff,


Not super mechanically inclined, but these instructions make me feel like I could make it work. I really appreciate your help.

No worries....

Good Luck.