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2004 pt cruiser: skipping..a fuel filter I have never changed it it

Resolved Question:

my 2004 pt cruiser is skipping does it have a fuel filter I have never changed it it does not do it allthe time
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Steve replied 6 years ago.


On most late model chrysler products there is no separate replaceable fuel filter; the fuel filter is part of the fuel module assembly inside the gas tank and does not need to be replaced for maintenance. I also checked with a couple of parts suppliers just to be sure; none of them have any listing for a separate fuel filter for this model and year.

If you suspect a fuel starvation problem, the way to check for this would be to connect a fuel pressure gauge to measure pressure when the problem is occurring; if fuel pressure is low then a complete fuel module (pump) assembly will likely be needed for repair.

If your engine is misfiring (skipping), especially under load, it is far more likely that you may have an ignition problem. It is very common for spark plug wire insulation to degrade over time, wich allows the spark to arc to ground inside the plug tubes on this engine; this produces exactly the type of symptom you give. You may want to try installing a set of spark plugs and good quality (not cheap discount store ones) plug wires to see if it corrects the problem. These are normal tune-up parts that must be replaced periodically for maintenance anyway, and may well cure your skipping complaint.

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