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2004 chrysler sebring: 2.7L dohc..timing marks..diagram

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I'm replacing the timing chains on a 2004 Chyrsler Sebring 2.7L DOHC can someone help with the timing marks. I already have the primary chain diagram. I need to know about the secondary (cam chain) marks.


Correct timing is critical for the NON free-wheeling designed, 2.7L engine. Engine timing can be verified by using the following procedures:

  1. Remove cylinder head covers.
  2. Rotate engine until number one cylinder is at TDC on the EXHAUST stroke.

  1. View the intake camshaft sprocket timing mark. The mark should be 90° from the cylinder head cover sealing surface (Fig. 109) on both right and left cylinder banks.
  2. Count chain pins from the mark on the intake camshaft towards the exhaust camshaft. Engine is timed correctly when there are 12 chain pins between the timing marks on the intake camshaft and exhaust camshaft (Fig. 109).
  3. If marks are not correctly aligned, proceed to Timing Chain and Sprockets for service procedures.



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