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replaced timing belt in my 04 sebring 2.4 l dual overhead cam

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replaced timing belt&water pump in my 04 sebring 2.4 l dual overhead cam with the x engine code. it idels very rough.but not at idle it runs perefct. code P0106 and P0172.replaced the map sensor and still runs rough at idle. if i were 1 tooth off on the timing belt the car wouldnt even run would it?the problem is only at idle.
Hello, did the motor have an issue before the timing belt replacement? When you installed the timing belt did you turn the motor over by hand with a bolt in the end o the crankshaft twice and mark
sure the marks were still aligned?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

yes i did rotate the motor 2 times by the crank.and the marks seemed to have been correct.

Were the arrows pointing u on the camshaft sprockets? It sounds
like you have it off by the sound of what's going on I'd recommend double checking the timg by tearing
it back apart and making sure the timing marks are aligned , the dual
overhead cams can be tough sometimes to get lined
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
if it were off by just a little bit would it run? on the highway or even driving in the city the car doesnt miss a beat,runs like a top.and when i first start the car for about 20 miles the idels perefect at a stop light/ seems like when the car gets hot it starts to act up.the engine light comes on and stays on.but if i leave it sit overnight and start it in the morning the light will not be on when i start the car. in my opinion the car wouldnt run at all if the timing were off.
It will run if it's off by one tooth but I misunderstood you, I didn't realize that it starts to act up once
it warms up and the fact the check light comes on
is good, if you can get it to an autozone they'll scan it for free and get you the code that's stored and will give us an idea of where to start
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i have the codes P0172 system rich bank one. and P0106 map sensor barometric pressure circuit performance problem. i replaced the map sensor.
Ok do you have a voltmeter? What we need to
do is measure voltage at the map sensor and see what we got measure it with the key on engine off and connector disconnected and let me know what you have on the purple with white stripe wire.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the voltage was 4.91 key on engine off purple w/ white stripe
does the car idle high? have you double checked for vacuum leaks?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no it doesnt idle high.i have also went over the vaccume lines.when i first start the car it idle's about 1000 rpm.then when it gets warm it starts to idle erratcily but never most likely i'll have to tear it apart again and make certain that the marks r lined up? right?
Yeah that's probably going to be a good idea but I'd
also look over the wiring real good that goes to
the map sensor and make sure it didn't get pinched
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
was the voltage within where it is suppose to be?