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The drivers side front floor carpet of my car is..passenger side..AC

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The drivers side front floor carpet of my car is soaking wet. Last year, the passenger side was wet, water sprayed out, and I had the dash pulled out and AC drains were blocked, so they were draining to my passenger side. Now, the drivers side is wet. I cannot see any water coming from anywhere. There is no AC condesation running out from under my car. In my garage, it looks like what had been running out had been rusty. Is there something I can use to clean/fix with, I don't want to pay $500 to have my dash pulled out again, and it un-clogged!



The rusty color of the water that had been running out could be a sign of a leaking heater core. Have you checked to see if the coolant level is low? If not check that first, and let me know. If level is ok, then we will go from there.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I checked the coolant level, it is not low. When I told my dad about the problem, he said to check to see if any water was under the car. I have been keeping an eye on it all day today, while driving around, and there has never been anything wet under the car. When I was vacuuming it out, and had the car parked in a different location in my garage, was when I noticed that it looked like "rusty water" had been under the car at some point...not recently though.



Ok, what we need to do at this point to find out if the ac drain is clogged is to pull the blower motor so you can stick you hand in the hvac opening to feel if it has standing water in it.


This isnt very hard and only takes about 10 minutes to achieve. The blower motor is located behind and underneath the right side of the dash.


  • Remove the instrument panel silencer from the passenger side of the instrument panel.
    1. Remove two push-in fasteners under right end of instrument panel.
    2. Maneuver part off center floor distribution duct to remove.

  • Disconnect the wire harness connector from the blower motor.
  • Remove the three screws that secure the blower motor to the HVAC housing.
  • Remove the blower motor from the HVAC housing by rotating and tilting the motor as needed for clearance of the blower wheel.

    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. Blower wheel (1) and blower motor (2)


    If it is wet or has standing water in it, then the drain is clogged and will need to be cleaned out, but the dash doesnt have to come out for this. The vehicle does need to be about 6ft in the air. The drain is towards the bottom of the firewall on the engine side. A shop can use a straightened coat hanger to insert in it and unclog the drain. It should be about 1/2 hour labor at the most.


    A dealership wont do this for you, but a good independent shop will.

    Customer: replied 7 years ago.
    Ok, thanks. i'll print this off. Do you think the "rusty water spots" are related to this, or a whole other problem?



    It might be related. If the water that did come out before the drain clogged dripped down onto the metal frame, it will turn it a rusty color.


    Since you are not losing coolant, I am not overly concerned about the color of the water. If you were low on coolant, then we would have something to worry about.

    Customer: replied 7 years ago.

    Do you think this could have been similar prolem/answer to when it was "spraying" out last summer on the passenger side (I could hear sloshing as well). What determines what side the leaks are on? (What side might be clogged??) And, if this is such a relatively easy fix, why when I had them look for the clogged drain, my oil change place 1) couldn't find it when they raised the car up, and 2) when I went to a Transmission and A/C place (not a dealership) they had to do the intensive labor procedure to unclog it. (They said it was full of pine needles...) Is it just that hard to locate on this type of car?? Also, any insight into why this has done this similar problem two years in a row (and basically twice in one "full year") and has never had this problem before? Is it just a sign on my car getting older?



    This could very well be a repeat of what previously happened. Although the drain is on the passenger side, it is close to the middle of the dash, and the hvac housing does stretch to part of the driver's side, so it is possible for it to leak out of either side.


    Most oil change places do not have employees that are ase certified mechanics that actually know what to look for as far as find the drain. They are high school graduates that know basically how to change the oil and other fluids.


    If the hvac housing was truly filled with pine needles, which can happen if you park outside underneath pine trees, then yes the dash has to come out to take apart the hvac housing and clean it out. If this is again the case, you should be able to feel the pine needles thru the blower motor opening.


    The other possibility unfortunately, is that you were taken advantage of by the repair shop.


    Pine needles, leaves and other debris can enter the hvac housing thru the fresh air ducts that are located between the hood and windshield underneath the cowling. You can look into having the cowling removed and mesh placed there to catch the debris to prevent this from happening again.


    With cars being parked outside, I have had them come in 2 or more times a year to have the drain unclogged due to debris

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