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2007 PT Cruiser crankshaft position sensor has finally been

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2007 PT Cruiser crankshaft position sensor has finally been located, bolt removed, sensor removed, but "cap" over sensor broke off inside as it was being removed. How do we fix this?
Can you elaborate alittle? I'm not certain i know what your referring to
as the cap? Also where is it broken off at?
ok i just reread your response and i think i know what your talking about, if you mean that the end of the sensor broke off in the block when you removed it the best way to get that out will be to take either a small flathead screwdriver or a pick and try and bent one side in towards the middle so that you can pry it out of the block.

Edited by quickcar on 4/9/2010 at 4:01 AM EST
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If prying it fails there will be 2 other options to get the metal cap
piece out and that would be to take the flat head and lightly tap on one side to try and
get the piece to rotate so that you can get a pair if
needle nose pliers in the hole and grab the piece and pull it out.
If all attempts fail you'll have to drop the oil pan and push the piece out
from inside the motor.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You ROCK, quickcar! Thank you very much for all your help - these answers sound like they will do the trick! More tools are needed, and it's too late to borrow them now; we will get back to working on this in the morning! Have great night! Cool
No problem, if you need anything else let me know.