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I have a 2005 chrysler pt cruiser and I need a wiring diagram

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I have a 2005 chrysler pt cruiser and I need a wiring diagram for motor and transmission, possibly anti theft .We put a new motor in it, yet it will not start
hello, id like to help you through this can you tell me what codes your getting while i start looking through the wiring diagrams i have
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Crank sensor, mass airflow sensor, cam shaft sensor, all of the sensors are showing up, we did not write down the codes, have checked all fuses and relays , these are good.

ok there is no mass airflow sensor it would be a map sensor thats probably coming up,all of the sensors are 5 volt supplied sensors and i have a few diagrams here. the orange wire to the sensors are the 5 volt wire from the pcm.







what transmission diagrams do you need ? the only way for me to look them up is by component thats why I'm asking
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you for the diagram, do you think that this may be the problem of it not starting, and if not, would you have any more wiring diagram for this motor, my husband says that it will not fire.

yes it is most likely the cause of your no start. tell your husband to start at the easiest sensor to get at, this is usually the map sensor or the throttle position sensor and measure the voltage with a volt meter on the orange wire it should be near 5volts. let me know what you have and we can go from there.


i have all the wiring diagrams for the entire car but its broken up into components so if you can tell me what particular component you need a diagram for i will get it for you.


also if you didn't have any problems with the car running prior tell your husband to inspect the transmission bellhousing area for any wires that may have gotten pinched when the motor was being installed. i have done this before and it is pretty easy to do.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have accepted the answer and have paid, my husband asks if you have any other diagrams for the other individual sensors for the firing mechanism that may help him, we will pay you more for them, you have been a great help. Thank you soooo much. Also he said that nothing was pinced because you put the motor and transmission together and wired it all , and put it on the transmission jack and then lowered the car.

i have 2 more here that might be of some use one is of the ignition coil and the other the auto shutdown relay.


tell your husband also if he measures less then 5 volts at one of those sensors go around unplugging one sensor at a time and see if the voltage comes back up to about 5 volts i have seen crankshaft sensors go bad internally and it will pull the 5 volt wire down to about 1 volt and then the car wont start.









quickcar and 9 other Chrysler Specialists are ready to help you