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2000 sebring: 2.5 motor..pipe..thermostat housing

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2000 sebring convertible, 2.5 motor,
trying to replace the water pipe. i have removed the thermostat housing top piece. am unsure of how to get tat the pipe. what else/all needs to be romeved

Welcome to Just Answer Chrysler my name is Mark.


If you are trying the access the water pipe that connects to the back of the water pump, then you'll need to remove the intake manifold so you can remove it.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
so the upper part of the intahe needs to cum off, should i disconnect the thrttle body, cables and all? are their bolts on the bach side of the intake towards the fie wal? what about the back half of the t-stat housing

Yes, the upper portion needs to come off as well as the lower intake manifold.




  1. Disconnect negative cable from auxiliary jumper terminal
  2. Remove bolt holding air inlet resonator to intake manifold
  3. Loosen throttle body air inlet hose clamp.
  4. Release snaps holding air cleaner housing cover to housing.
  5. Remove air cleaner cover and inlet hoses from engine.
  6. Disconnect connectors from MAP and intake air temperature sensors
  7. Remove manifold support bracket bolt located rearward of MAP sensor
  8. Disconnect TPS and idle air control motor connectors
  9. Disconnect brake booster hose.
  10. Disconnect purge hose from throttle body.
  11. Squeeze retainer tab on throttle cable and slide cable out of bracket
  12. Slide speed control cable out of bracket, if equipped
  13. Remove EGR tube from intake manifold and discard gasket
  14. Remove manifold support bracket bolt located rearward of EGR tube
  15. Remove bolts holding upper intake manifold and remove manifold
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i appreciate your help and patieb=nce
if u want me to inrease the$$ i can
once the intak is off, i am still struggling on how to remove the pipe
should/how u remove the back end of the thermostat housing

thanx again

Yes, that piece will need to be removed as well. It will be bolted to each cylinder head, and some of the bolt holes are shown in the following pic.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
does the dist cap assmbly have to be removed?
If it is getting in the way, then yes, otherwise you can leave it alone.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
cant seem to get at the 2 bolts off of that housing towards fire wall side, also seeems to be a bracket in the way from one of the heater hose/tubes?
If there is a bracket....or anything for that matter, which is impeding your progress you will need to remove it out of the way. There are no specific instructions for removing this piece, so you just need to remove the items that are in your way.
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