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2003 chrysler: immobilizer..the steering column..anti theft..chip

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i plug in the immobilizer under the steering column of the 2003 chrysler t&c and car went into anti theft a will not start. the key has no chip.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswerCustomer


Is this a new key that wasn't programmed yet? Or was this a used column that already had a module on it that wasn't plugged in before?


Have you never had a key with a transponder chip (thick gray head)?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Never had a gray transponder key. we did a remote start (former installer) Was putting car back together and noticed that plug was out. Car was running fine before this. Then like a dummy i pluged it in. anti theft came on and car started and sputtered off, now will not start at all. I of course unplugged it again. It's a black key.
It sounds like that column was a used part that was installed somewhere down the road. If the van never had a SKIM key with a transponder then the module shouldn't be there. What you will need to do now is remove this module so it doesn't happen again, and replace the engine controller (PCM). Plugging in this SKIM module has permanently taught the PCM that it has the SKIM system that the van doesn't have and now it will always start and die unless it sees an ok to run message from the SKIM module. It can't get this message, because the module isn't programmed to the PCM and the key isn't a SKIM key.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
do i need to go to the dealer or have it reprogrammed . Can i buy it used
You can get a used one, as long as you have the dealer run the VIN off the old van that the PCM comes from. It has to match your part number and the vehicle's options. It can't have SKIM obviously, and if your van doesn't have the factory VTSS security system then the donor van can't either, or you would be back in a similar start/die situation. Either way after the new one is installed it will need to have the VIN and mileage programmed into it with a dealer scan tool.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
can i reset the one thats in there now at the dealer. They must have done it before if that box was unplugged. Im sorry im done after this.
Plugging the module in has permanently taught the PCM that it needs to look for the message from a SKIM module that it's ok to start and run the engine. It's not something that can be reset unfortunately.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
can i have a skim key made and programed for this pcm by the dealer? Im just trying to see whats cost effective
That wouldn't be an option either. The SKIM PIN is a number assigned to the VIN when the vehicle is built. This VIN wouldn't have a PIN for the SKIM to be programmed into any of the modules or the keys, and the module already there sounds like it has to be out of another van so you wouldn't be able to program it to another vehicle either.
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