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2003 pt cruiser: cruise control..the fuses on the drivers panel..hood

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i have a 2003 pt cruiser and the cruise control will come on once the car is started. I have checked all of the fuses on the drivers panel and under the hood and they all look fine. when the car is in the aux acc setting it will turn on but once you start the car all the way it shuts off and won't engage after that. what could be the problem?

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Let's start by seeing if any codes are stored. Cycle the key from off to on three times ending with it on and watch the digital odometer display. Don't crank the starter, just off to on. The codes start with a P and have four numbers, there may be more than one stored. Write down any that you see and post them here.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did what you asked and no codes came up however the engine light stays on constantly but i think that is a different issue.
If the check engine light does stay on then there are definitely codes stored. They may be related to this problem.

This code read feature should work on your car with no problems but it may be picky. Get in and close the doors. Put the key in and turn it one click forward. This is off. One click forward of that is on. Start with it off and go on, off, on, off, on within about 5 seconds and the odometer will change and show codes. Remember to not crank the starter, just off to on. Try it a couple more times and you should get it to go.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok your right about the picky part of getting the codes. P 0016 is the only code it gave befor e saying it was done.
Ok great. That code will definitely stop the cruise from working.

Have you had any work done to the car, especially just before the engine light came on? Has the cam sensor been replaced, or anything done to the engine?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes, the timing belt was replaced along with all of the push rods and cam and crank were removed and inspected. Basically anything that has to do with the timing belt replacement and replacing the push rods was done on the car approximately 6 months ago. It was a major overhaul of the motor but after that was done the cruise stopped working and now the engine light stays on all the time.
P0016 stands for "cam/crank misalignment". This code sets when the cam sensor's signal doesn't line up correctly with the crank sensor's signal. There is a sensor in the block that runs off a tone wheel on the crank, and a sensor at the left end of the cylinder head that runs off a magnet on the intake cam.

Since the problem happened after the timing belt was replaced your problem is going to be at the front of the engine. Either the timing belt has been slightly misinstalled or a dowel pin has been damaged. It's common to install the timing belt so the intake cam is just slightly out of position, a common thing to happen on a 2.4. It's not a user friendly engine to set the cam timing on.

The other possibility is a damaged dowel pin on the intake cam. There is a pin that sets the cam's position to it's sprocket that is driven by the timing belt. If the sprocket bolt was tightened with an impact when the work was done it could have damaged the dowel pin and allowed the cam sprocket to rotate on the cam a little while tightening. If this was the case the timing belt may be installed correctly but the cam isn't in the right position in relation to the sprocket.

What is going to have to be done is to have the timing covers removed and the marks checked. With the crank mark in position the marks on the cam sprockets should be pointing slightly down and not exactly lined up. If they are high and lined up perfectly it's out of time, which is where alot of techs go wrong with these.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This is my sons car and he is going on a trip in the next couple of days. would the car be ok to take this trip or should this be done prior to taking the trip? or will this do alot of damage to the car if the trip is taken before this work is done?
How is it running? If the timing belt is a tooth or so off it should idle fairly rough but will smooth out a bit when you are off idle. If it seems to idle pretty normal it may be the dowel pin is sheared or damaged. Either way though, if it was me it would be something I would want to get taken care of before any kind of trip if at all possible.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
at idle it seams to be rough in my opinion but this car has always idled rough so i don't have anything to compare it with unfortunately.
They will have some natural vibration, but if the timing belt isn't correct then it will be more of a miss or a slight chug, not just a vibration from the engine.
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