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A squeaking sound coming..steering wheel..lowspeeds..highwayspeeds

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There is a squeaking sound coming when I turn the steering wheel. This started some time ago and is getting worse.

First, I could hear it only when turning the steering wheel while driving, and only driving on low speeds (could not hear it driving on highway speeds). Now I can hear it even when I am stationary and turning the steering wheel while stopped. It is worse and louder when I turn the steering wheel to the right. When turning to the left the sound can be heard but is not that strong.

The thing is that even the slightest movement in the steering wheel (especially to the right) makes this squeaking sound. When I first start the card cold, the sound is almost non-present. The more I drive, the more present is the sound.

The sound is like a rubber squeaking.

I have already replaced power steering fluid (the level was normal, no leaks) and added power steering additive for squeaks/leaks, but does not look like it helped at all.
Hello and welcome back to JustAnswer!

What area does the sound come from? Does it seem to come from wheel well area? Under the hood? Under the dash?

Does it only happen as you get to the full travel of the steering, or any turn will do it?

Do you get any noise over bumps?

Does it make the noise if you turn the wheel when the car is stationary?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
1. Hard to say where the sound is coming from. To me, it looks like it's coming frm the steering wheel. But to me it is similar to the sound the steering wheel was making when the power steering fluid was being replaced.

2. After some driving (30 mins) any slight movement with the steerng wheel (e.g. turning it 2-3 inches) will make the sound.

3. Yes. I am in the process of replacing lower control arm (total), plus bushings in the upper control arm and the upper ball joint. Already have the left side complete, waiting for parts for the right side.

4. Yes, it recently started to make the sound ALSO when the car is stationary (before I could hear it only while driving and turning, and at low speeds only). Now, after driving for some time (e.g. 20-30 minutes) I can hear the sound even when car is stationary.

I reread your post just after I posted back to you and realized that it does make the noise stationary. Sorry about that!


Does the noise that it makes over bumps sound the same as when you turn the wheel?


Or could it be near the base of the steering column at the driver's floorboard, a light squeaking sound?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The sound that it makes over bumps seems different (to me) than the sound coming from the steering wheel. The sound that comes on bumps is the "old matrass spring" sound (I live in a country with many bad roads, that's why I am having a major front drive train repairs done), while the steering wheel is a rubber-squeaking type of sound.

I really am not able to say where the sound is coming from. The whole car is a kind of sound acoustic trap...;) I just know it's making it when turning the steering wheel, and is getting worse.... Also as I mentioned, after starting the car cold (e.g. in the morning) it does not do this until I have driven for some time (gradullay starts and gets louder) it recahes its "maximum" after about 20 minutes of driving.

The suspension noise you described is what I was trying determine if you had, and now I'm sure that you have more than one noise and that's not the one you are after. The mattress spring type noise does sound like it's probably one of the ball joints that you haven't gotten replaced yet.


Since your other noise definitely isn't the same as the one outside, from your descriptions I believe your noise may be inside the car. At the firewall where the steering shaft goes through there is a rubber boot. This seals the shaft and doesn't allow air or water into the car. This is a fairly common place for noise when turning the steering wheel. The rubber rubbing on the steering shaft will give a squeak. Take some penetrating oil and spray down the boot where the steering shaft goes through, run the steering wheel fully in both directions a few times and see if the noise subsides.


Once in a while you can have noise from the input seal of the steering rack, which is right below this boot at the firewall. If lubricating the boot doesn't help and the noise is coming from that area you may have to remove the boot to expose the top of the steering rack and then run some lubricant into the top of the steering rack seal.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What is firewall and where is it located? Do you have any image/drawing/diagram to help me see where to lubricate?

What lubricant should I use? Is WD-40 OK for this?

This is the area where the boot is. The boot is missing in this picture.


WD-40 should work ok to lubricate it.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
One last question - should I remove the boot before spraying/lubricating, or should I keep the boot on and spray around it?
You could remove the boot and slide it up the steering shaft and lubricate it, or you could just spray the area where the shaft goes through it. The WD-40 will run down into the area where it needs to be if you just spray it. Spray some at the area, run the steering wheel lock to lock a few times and apply a little more spray and the noise should go away if that's where it's coming from.
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