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Chrysler Town & Country: a passenger side mirror..interior..windshield

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I am attempting to replace a passenger side mirror (the entire unit) on my Chrysler Town & Country van. The mirror is not attached to the door so It looks as though I will have to remove the molding, not on the door, but from the interior of the framing that runs down the side of my windshield. Inside the car this looks like a narrow strip of molding, and the passenger side also has a handle on it. Do these things just "pop" off? I made a gentle attempt to pry the handle off (it actually is in sections), but was afraid I would break it. Do you have any guidance as to how I would remove this interior molding and handle? Would appreciate any information you can give me! Thanks so very much, Barbara [email protected]

Here is information on how to replace the mirror. The assist handle does not need to be removed.




  1. Using a trim stick lift up the end of the instrument panel top pad enough to gain access to the mirror electrical connector, if equipped.
  2. Disconnect the electrical connector, if equipped.



  1. Using a trim stick or equivalent, remove the trim cover (Fig. 23).
  2. Remove the bolts.
  3. Remove the mirror from the pillar.





  • Route the mirror wire harness, if equipped, through the a-pillar and place side view mirror in position on vehicle (Fig. 24).
  • Install the bolts and tighten to 10 N.m (85 in.lbs.) .
  • Install the mirror trim cover.
  • Connect the electrical connector, if equipped.
  • Install the instrument panel top cover, if equipped with the electric mirror.
  • Customer: replied 7 years ago.
    does this mean I DO NOT have to do this from inside the vehicle? But it is done entirely from the outside where the mirror base is attached to the van?
    To remove the mirror is from the outside the plug is on the inside if the mirror is electric. You should be able to just lift up on the instrument panel top pad to gain access to the wires. If you want to remove the grab handles there are two plugs that come out of them and there are screws under the plugs then the panel will come off
    Customer: replied 7 years ago.
    ok, just for clarification, the "instrument panel top" that you refer to, is this what I referred to as the molding on the inside of the car that runs down alongside the windshield? And, if so, can I use something like a flathead screwdriver to pry it off?

    No it is number 1 in the picture and just pry up on it. I was just saying if you wanted to remove the piece with the handle on it that is how but doesn't need to be removed



    Customer: replied 7 years ago.

    I didn't get any information did you still need help?
    Customer: replied 7 years ago.
    ok, one final question. If I decide NOT to hook up the electrical right now, then what do I do with the wiring coming from the new mirror and/or how would I disconnect the wiring from the broken mirror? Could I cut it and tape if off with electrical tape or no?
    Sure you can cut it and tape it off.
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