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procedure to adjust the valves on a 5.9 24 valve cummins diesel 2001?

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What's the procedure to adjust the valves on a 5.9 24 valve cummins diesel 2001?

Hello and welcome to just answer Dodge. First of all you will need to do this when the engine is cold. and then you will remove the valve cover. Use a remote start button to bump the engine around so that the valves on a particular cylinder are both closed (you will be able to rock the rocker arm up and down. The main thing is to be sure that they are completely closed. Then you will insert a . feeler gauge in between the rocker arm and the valve stem. If the feeler gauge will not go in between the rocker arm and valve, then the adjustment is too tight. You will then loosen the lock nut on the vale and turn the allen screw until the feeler gauge fits in between with no slop, and not too tight. You will repeat this for each cylinder. The spec for the intake valves is .010" and exhaust valves are .020". Hope this information helps, and if you would like I can also send you the procedure from the factory service manual.



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