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Category: Chrysler
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On a 2001 PT Cruiser 2.4L, To access the timing belt the right

Resolved Question:

On a 2001 PT Cruiser 2.4L, To access the timing belt the right engine support bracket and the engine mount must be removed, either one needs to be pulled straight out to be removed. Can either one be removed with the engine still in the car? If so how? Ron
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Jerry replied 7 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.


You will want to raise the engine up some, to get the mount and bracket out.

I normally use a jack with a block of wood on the bottom front of the oil pan.





  1. Disconnect negative battery cable.
  2. Raise vehicle on hoist. Remove right front wheel.
  3. Remove the right splash shield.
  4. Remove accessory drive belts.
  5. Remove crankshaft damper.
  6. Remove the lower torque strut.
  7. Disconnect exhaust system from manifold.
  8. Disconnect A/C pressure switch at rear of compressor housing.
  9. Lower vehicle and support engine with a jack.
  10. Discharge A/C system and disconnect A/C lines at coupling block.
  11. Remove upper torque strut.
  12. Remove screw attaching ground to strut bracket.
  13. Remove torque strut bracket from strut tower.
  14. Remove upper radiator support crossmember.
  15. Remove power steering pump and bracket. Set pump aside. Do not disconnect lines from pump.
  16. With engine properly supported, remove right engine mount through bolt.







  1. Raise engine with jack until engine support bracket bolts are accessible (Fig. 77).
  2. Remove engine support bracket (Fig. 77).
  3. Remove timing belt cover fasteners and remove cover (Fig. 76). Installation
  1. Install lower timing belt cover and tighten fasteners to 4.5 Nm (40 in. lbs.) (Fig. 76).
  2. Install right engine support bracket (Fig. 77). Ensure the power steering pump is properly located in mounting location on bracket. Tighten mount bracket bolts to 61 Nm (45 ft. lbs.) .
  3. Lower engine into mounting position and install right engine mount through bolt. Tighten bolt to 118 Nm (87 ft. lbs.) .
  4. Install power steering pump and bracket.
  5. Install upper radiator support crossmember.
  6. Install torque strut bracket to strut tower.
  7. Connect ground strap to bracket.
  8. Install upper torque strut.
  9. Connect A/C lines and charge A/C system.
  10. Raise vehicle.
  11. Connect exhaust system to manifold.
  12. Connect A/C pressure switch connector.
  13. Install crankshaft damper.
  14. Install accessory drive belts.
  15. Install lower torque strut.
  16. Perform torque strut adjustment procedure.
  17. Install right splash shield.
  18. Install right front wheel.
  19. Connect negative cable to battery.
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