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I need to replace the timing chain on my 2004 Chrysler Sebring

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I need to replace the timing chain on my 2004 Chrysler Sebring (2.7L DOHC. I am having some difficulty removing the timing chain cover. Any suggestion?

These are the necessary steps in order to remove the cover.......go through them and see if you missed a step.


  • Drain cooling system ).
  • Remove coolant pressure container
  • Raise vehicle on hoist.
  • Remove right front wheel and belt splash shield.
  • Remove accessory drive belts
  • Remove crankshaft vibration dampner
  • Remove AC/Generator belt tensioner/bracket assembly.
  • Disconnect heater hose from tube at right front frame rail area.
  • Lower vehicle.
  • Remove screws securing heater supply tube to right frame rail. Reposition heater supply tube.
  • Place a floor jack with wooden block under oil pan to support engine.
  • Remove right engine mount
  • Remove upper timing chain cover bolts.
  • Raise vehicle on hoist.
  • Remove remaining bolts securing timing chain cover to engine
  • Remove timing chain cover.
  • Customer: replied 7 years ago.
    I have completed the check list that you sent. I am sure that the problem is the seal and/or gasket. I am attempting to not damage the timing chain cover itself. All of the screws have been removed. Is there a tip to removing that cover or do i just need to use more elbow grease in try to pry it off?

    If all of the bolts are removed, then there is no real just need to apply more pressure to break the seal holding the cover to the block.


    Just work your way around the cover and see if you can get a certain spot to move a little more, and then concentrate on that area......working your way away from that spot until you can get a larger area to move further and then it will eventually let go and come off.

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