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2002 PT Cruiser: check engine light..louder..slip..the clutch

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I have a 2002 PT Cruiser with 101,000 miles on it. Yesterday we heard a high pitch sound similar to a jet engine on an airplane as we accelerated the car, no check engine light or any other feedback. Today the sound got louder and the transmission began to slip like putting the clutch in on a stick shift and then it would function properly. The check engine light came on so we parked the car all day. This evening I went to pick it up, it seemed OK, no noise and the transmission appeared to work properly, so I drove it to the shop. After about one mile in 85 degree temperature,, the sound returned, it got louder and after about 2 miles the transmission slipped as if the clutch was kicked in when accelerating from a stop lithe just about the time it should shift to 2nd gear. I put my OBD code reader on it and this is what I found: 4 codes appeared the P0732, "Gear 2 ratio incorrect", the P0733, "Gear 3 ratio incorrect," and twice was code P0700 , "Transmission Control System Malfunction"
Based on your description of the transmission slipping.......just like when a clutch pedal is pushed in.........and the 2 fault codes you have........I'd have to say that you have an internal failure in the transmission and it will need to be taken out and overhauled.
Mopar Certified, Technician
Category: Chrysler
Satisfied Customers: 11332
Experience: 24 Year Factory Trained and Certified
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I don't think so... transmission pulls very good and the slip is random. I think it is a sensor, seloniod or the control modual. It appears that this is electronic, NOT the transmission to me. Hear is a factor adn the transmission fluid is clean, clear and full, another indication of a control problem.
Ok, good luck then.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

What? No more help form the expert????


Is this all I get?

I've told you my opinion......based on your description.........and all you have done is tell me that I am wrong and you know I choose not to pursue this.


I'm going to opt out and another expert might pick this question up and try and assist you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello there!

I would have to agree with the last expert on this one. If you have a high pitch sound that says to me that your pump is starving for oil and is causing it to slip. I don't want to be insulted like the last expert was so if you coose to insult me I will close this question.

This will not be caused by a sensor or control module. If it is slipping in second and third according to the fault codes you listed it will not be a sensor or control. Sensors do not cause slippage, if bad they will cause the transmission to go into limp in mode which is second and reverse gear only. You will have to remove the trans for repair! There will be damage to your underdrive clutch.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK, one more question, everything seems fine when the motor temp is cold or the car is shut off for 10 minutes or more. The sound and the slip only happens after driving some distance, 1/2 mile to one mile in 80 - 85 F temps and th engine is up to normal temp. Does this help pin point the problem?

I have run into problems like this before and what I have found was the filter gets plugged with torque converter clutch material when it fails and it will cause the pump to starve for oil(that is where the noise comes from) It is usually ok for a little ways until the filter becomes restricted then it makes the noise and when you shut the car off the oil draining back will wash the filter out a little and be good for a little ways again.

Why don't you pull the pan off and check the filter and inside the pan for excessive clutch material or even flakes of it and let me know. I won't click on answer until we find the problem so you won't have to pay until we found the problem. Let me know, thanks!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX sense to me. Will this also put out the P0732 and P0733 codes which are 2nd and 3rd gear ratio incorrrect? I would assume these codes were the result of the slip and the slip could be due to the filter plugged which starved the pump, causing the slip. Is this a possibility?
Yes, when the pump starves for oil it will not have enough output for proper line pressure which will cause the codes. Thanks!