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A new question is answered every 9 seconds sponge type stuff creeping through the vents this year

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My AC runs cold and hot since last year. My mechanic cannot find the problem. It now has black sponge type stuff creeping through the vents this year. I was told to take IOD FUSE off for 15 minutes. The ac seems to run best on highway going pretty fast. In town however it runs cold then majority hot. Please Help Its hot here in OKlahoma
HelloCustomer The symptoms you describe lead me to believe that there is a lack of air crossing the condensor, which is out in front of your radiator. If you will tell me what kind of car you have, I believe we can get you cooled off.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
2001 Chrysler Sebring
OK, Your electric cooling fans mounted on the radiator under the hood are basically contolled by 2 things. #1 is the engine temperature, #2 A/C high pressure sensor. You get cool air at highway speeds because you are pushing air through the condensor at a afst rate. You are getting intermittent cool air at low speed due to lack of air across the condensor. since you are not experiencing overheating, it's safe to say that engine temp signal is turning the fans on at the correct temperature, but the A/C high pressure sensor is not turning on the high speed fan when the pressure requires. (hot air out the vents). You will need to have the cooling fan relay and A/C high pressure switch checked. Get these working and have the system refrigerant charge rechecked, you should be fine.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What is the black stuff coming out of my vents ?
In Texas and Ok. it is pretty common for the black butal sealer to get very hot and start to ooze. All I can suggest is to try and park in the shade, leave windows cracked a bit, and use a window shade in the windshield when parked. I had this problem when I lived in Dallas.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi! Me again! I have replaced the a/c pressure sensor and the cooling fan relay. I even went as far as replacing the blower motor transistor! What else could be causing this. Am I doing something wrong??
Were you able to verify that the radiator fans are coming on high when the AC is on?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes they are. Could I have replaced a/c pressuer sensor with a faulty one? I am pretty fed up. The ac now runs cold as heck in the morning and late evening. Sometimes when it wants to in the day.... What else could I do? Could a leak cause this? Blower motor shorting out due to the aftermarket transistor? I dont know. I am just a wanna be mechanic and the a/c system seems so complex. Arghhh.
The symptoms still lead me to believe that the condensor is not getting enough flow. It is mounted in front of the radiator, and there is a small gap between them. The cooling fans suck air through from the radiator side. If there are any blockage between the two, it can starve the condensor of air flow. Assuming the fans are working properly, make sure there are no obstacles, dirt, leaves etc. between the two. I also will recommend you go to a carwash and using the rinse cycle of the sprayer, clean the fins of the radiator of dust and crud that may have dried in the fins. Beyond that, I will opt out and allow others to recommend solutions for you. I wish you success my friend, I used to live in Dallas and I know what you're going through.