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Chrysler concorde lx: spark plugs at 72 , 000 miles..stalls..misfiring

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Chrysler ConcordeLXI 3.5 L engine Started getting codes 135 and 155 - replaced all four oxygen sensors and spark plugs at 72,000 miles now get codes 0132, 0152. OccasionallyI get code 0128. I have the engine run rough when cold and sometimes it stalls and seems to be misfiring. Never happens when warm. If I erase thecodes after starting the car - they would never come on until car is cold and I start it. As part of maintenance I replaced all fluids and flushed the radiator (at Tires Plus). It made nodifference with the problem.
Hi my name is John.

what year is your concorde?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

2002 vin code 2C3AD36M32H171901 - forgot to mention only problem prior to this was the canister code P0441 and that one was also sporadic - it completely disappeared after changing the O2 sensors. The only other issue with the car was the transmission line broke at 36,100 miles and the transmission control unit was changed at the time in December 2006.


When I say the car stalls it kind of doesn't do nothing when I accelerate form a standing stop when cold and then it lurches and kind of misfires to the point that it has stalled say about 5-7 times in the past 6 mos. It doesn't do that every time.

Ok p0128 is either the thermostat or a coolant leak.

For codes p0132,p0152 you could have a open circuit it the wireing or a push out pin in the connector at the PCM.

you will need a volt/ohm meter to test for this problem.

here both test are the same,they are the two front oxygen sensors.

you need to test the wire for high resistance in the wire that run from the computer C2 connector to the two front oxygen sensors.

Let me know what else you need ot test for the problems.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did replace the O2 sensors twice with the Bosch counterparts and got the same code. How do you reprogram the PCM - does it require a special tool? I noticed technical bulletins with problems with the PCM.

The codes say you have a open circuit like a broken wire,replaceing the oxygen sensors will not fix this problem.


NUMBER: 18-017-03

GROUP: Vehicle Performance

DATE: Apr. 25, 2003

Erroneous MIL Illumination - Erroneous Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)


This bulletin involves replacing the Powertrain Control Module (PCM).



2002 (LH) 300M/Concorde/Intrepid/LHS



Vehicle operator may describe MIL illumination.

For all 2002 applications, technicians may find the following erroneous DTCs:

P0071 - Ambient Temperature Sensor Performance

P0111 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor Performance

P0116 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Performance

P0128 - Thermostat Rationality

P0325 - Knock Sensor # XXXXX Circuit

For all 2002 3.5L applications, technicians may find the following erroneous DTCs:

P0121 - Throttle Position Sensor # XXXXX Performance

For all 2002 2.7L applications built before Nov. 9, 2001, technicians may find the following erroneous DTCs:

P0420 - Catalytic 1/1 Efficiency
P0432- Catalytic 2/1 Efficiency


For all 2002 2.7L applications built before Aug. 27, 2001, technicians may find the following erroneous DTCs:

P0401 - EGR System Performance


Using a Scan Tool (DRBIII(R) with the appropriate Diagnostic Procedures Manual, verify all engine systems are functioning as designed. If DTCs are present, other than those listed above, record them on the repair order and repair as necessary before proceeding further with this bulletin.

For DTC P0128: If the thermostat has been serviced, ensure it is the correct thermostat for the engine and that it is seated properly in the housing, with the correct gasket. Be sure the coolant is the correct mixture. Be sure the cooling system has been properly purged of air.

When the engines are manufactured, the thermostats are staked into place. When servicing the thermostat remember to grind down the stake (or change the housing) to make sure the staking is not in the way, Otherwise the thermostat won't seat properly and the system will interpret this as a thermostat malfunction


If for p0128 you done what it say than you will need to replace the PCM for code p0128

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
If I had an open wire wouldn't the codes come up immediately after clearing them - would the condition happen 100% of the time - or am I missing something about how the car register code conditions? They only come back after the car is cold and within 1-2 minutes after starting the car. If I clear them I can drive for hours without the codes ever coming back. That is why I wonder about the PCM. I will do all the testing you mentioned above to confirm specially the wiring wiggle test while connected to the scan tool. The coolant flush was done professionally and air purged while I watched.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Wouldn't reflashing the PCM be a better alternative? Issue is which version of Chrysler flashing is the latest&best for the Concorde I have.
It say you have to replace the PCM for code p0128 ,if you installed the thermostat correctly.

When they hook it up to the MDS2 it will tell them which is best or if you need a up date.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I never replaced the thermostat -did a full flush and pressure testing w/o any issues found.


Yesterday I got the proper update of my PCM (there was one update correcting 3 technical bulletins) and all the symptoms are gone. This morning the car never gave me the usual engine codes. It ran smoothly and feels like a brand new car. Throttle response is back to normal without any bad idling or lurching when accelerating.


I'll keep the fingers crossed and will update.

That great.


If i have help you,please push the accept button when were done.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I thought I was good to go after all the updates mentioned on this thread but codes 0132 and 0152 came back. Occassionally I get code 0300 when the spark plugs misfire.

Average mpog still at 19.9 - After resetting the codes - OK until car cools overnight. Codes show up within 2 minutes in the morning. I'm unable to pass yearly inspection.