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88 plymouth reliant 2.5 i have no spark..12v..pos voltage on

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i have a 88 plymouth reliant 2.5 i have no spark but the coil checks out fine.i have 12v on the neg side of the coil and ground on the pos side, with the key on.when i hook them both to the coil i have no voltage on either

Hello! I'm Rixster...

Have you checked the Hall Effect Switch. This is the unit just under the rotor inside the distributor cap. These can develop an open in the wiring harness that connects it to the Vehicle. These are fairly inexpensive anymore and relatively easy to change. Be sure to reset your ignition timing when installed.

I hope this helps...

Thanx! -Rixster

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
how do you check that?

Turn the Ignition Switch On 3 times in 5 seconds assuring the switch is on when thru.

Watch your Check Engine Light for it to blink. Count the flashes! they should flash in a synchronised order... Flash... Flash, Flash, Flash is code thirteen. (not saying you'll get code thirteen just showing you how to retrieve codes)

If code Eleven (11) shows perform this test...












You should find all you need here to diagnose this. You will need a 10 megohm impedance volt/ohmeter and enough time to check it.

Or you could see if you have spark when you crank it and if not just replace it and drive away. Your Call!

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