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Category: Chevy
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Experience:  ASE certified tech ADVANCED LEVEL SPECIALIST. Wisconsin certified emissions state inspector
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It is a 1995 K1500 Silverado. Started having issues with it

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It is a 1995 K1500 Silverado. Started having issues with it starting. It would also die going down the road, when you let off on the gas. My son has moved with it to Wyoming, so he does not have good access to help. He found that if voltage showed on the volt meter when he turned the key on, that it would start. If voltage did not show, then it would not start. It is not a fuel issue, it would not start with starting fluid. It has reached the point that it will not stat at all now. He has replaced the ignition control module, with no improvement.
JA: Is the car in "Park" or "Neutral?" Do you know if your car has a "wheel lock" feature?
Customer: I do not have that information, hang on, I will call him.
JA: Are you fixing your Silverado yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: hang on.
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: It does not require being in park or neutral to start.
Hello and welcome! My name isCustomerand I can assist you with your question. Are you saying that the engine cranks over but does not start? Have you checked for codes in the computer?? What size engine is in the truck?
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
1. It is a 1995, it does not show codes. It is the 350 cu in. engine. (5.7 if you only think metric).

Thank you for that information.

So it cranks over but does not start?

Do you know if the engine is missing spark or fuel while cranking?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
You need to read what I have already told [email protected]! It will not start with starting fluid, so fuel is not the issue, it is not getting spark!

Thank you for clearing that up for me.

Power to the ignition coil?

What about the tune up components?

Cap, rotor and wires.. etc?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I am afraid your charges are an endless hole! All of the items mentioned have been changed, as well as the ignition control module. Keep in mind, when it would still start intermittently, when the key was turned to the on position, the voltage gauge would show a normal voltage, if that happened, and you cranked the engine, it would start immediately, and run well. If there were no voltage showing, then it would not start, even with extended cranking.

Thank you for that information, sir. If you would like, I can drop the price of the phone call down to $5 bucks for you.

The offer you are seeing is automatically sent out by the site.

If you would like to simply continue on this page, we can certainly do that here.

one moment while I type of some information about your vehicle.

If there is a no spark condition on this vehicle, then we need to check the power supply or circuit to the ignition and control module. For example, if the ignition switch has gone bad, it may prevent power from getting to the coil and or ignition control module and may even affect the instrument cluster or the volt gauge on the dash from working.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
call me at(###) ###-#### for a fee of $5.00

Please accept my offer and I will call you right away.

AMEDEE and other Chevy Specialists are ready to help you

Please call me right away or enter your number so I can call you now

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I have dialed your number several times, and iy doesn't even ring, you call me!

It says your number is *****

Are you sure you entered the right number?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Great grand daughter was playing with one of the phones, the line is clear now, so try again.