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03 chev tahoe z71, heated seats are inop, if i push any

Customer Question

03 chev tahoe z71, heated seats are inop, if i push any button on either door i get a click under driver seat and the button lights up for a split second and goes back out. I found driver seat back element burned through and a suspect spot on passenger side so i replaced all 4 elements and still inop. I got ahold of a scan tool and scanned door modules and found no codes, after scanning driver seat module i found - b1825, b2430, b2435, b2440 and b3606. I found adjustable pedal sensor out of range so i unhooked it and all codes went away except b3606 - because its unhooked but after i hit any seat heater button the b2430 returns and seats are still inop, i cant find any information on the b2430 code except rf heater circuit, can someone point me in a direction please?
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Super Mechanic replied 6 months ago.

Hello and welcome. My name is ***** ***** you for visiting the site, I am reviewing your question and will reply shortly, thanks.

Expert:  Super Mechanic replied 6 months ago.

B2430 - The driver seat module determines by monitoring the heater element control circuits that a short to voltage, short to ground, or open condition exists.

There was also a bulletin for,

"Seat Heater and/or Memory Power Seat Inoperative"

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I have read through 3 tsb's for this problem (which has gotten me to where i am) im mainly looking for what connectors or harness to look at for any problems.
Expert:  Super Mechanic replied 6 months ago.

I see, thanks. You will want to check the connections, (and voltages) a the driver seat module, according to the test procedure.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Can you tell me what pins and connetor start the circuit at the driver seat module so i can do a resistance test from there to the plug under the passenger seat
Expert:  Super Mechanic replied 6 months ago.

That is all the information that I have on it, but wait there may be another expert who has more. I will opt out and open it back up. Please DON’T REPLY to this post as that will lock the question back to me, also DON’T RATE THE ANSWER yet, someone should be along shortly, I’m sure, thanks and sorry I wasn’t able to help with it.

Expert:  GM Bob replied 6 months ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I can help.

Here is a link to the schematic of both seat heaters. Each heater element should be 1.5 to 5.5 ohms

If one heater element is bad it will disable both seats

Let me know if you need more help