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I'm having turn signal problems with my 2000 3.4L vin starts

Customer Question

Hello. I'm having turn signal problems with my 2000 monte carlo 3.4L vin starts with 2g1ww. Hazards work at all times and at normal speed when the switch is engaged. Both turn signals light and flash normal while the car is in park. When the car is in gear both signals flash rapidly and when looking at the instrument cluster when the right signal is on the right indicator flashes brightly but the left will also flash dimly and vice versa, when this happens and I'm looking at the lights flash they also flash at the same time with the one that's switched on blinking brighter. Some days the left signal won't flash at all with the indicator light staying solid or dark and no click from the relay/hazard switch. At that point I'll turn the hazard switch on and turn the left signal on then turn the hazards off and sometimes it will come back sometimes not. I have replaced the hazard switch/relay and it was worse so I switched back to the original. Thank you for your help.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  cardoctor71 replied 9 months ago.

Most likely,. This is an issue. With the multifunction switch or the instrument cluster, some thorough testing needs to be done, apparently there is a short-circuit, the most common problem when researching technical service bulletins is a problem in the multifunction switch, which has to be replaced by an experienced technician because it's under the steering wheel underneath the airbag. Please rate my service, I will continue to answer your questions, until you are completely satisfied with my answers.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Sorry I must have forgot to mention that the instrument cluster is only lit on the left and right sides and when I knock on it I can get the middle to light but I lose the left side, also I get a high beam out message but both are lit.
Expert:  cardoctor71 replied 9 months ago.

Good possibility your issue is in the cluster itself which is non serviceable and will have to be replaced

Expert:  cardoctor71 replied 8 months ago.

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Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Sorry it took so long to reply I lost my phone and did not have a pc on hand. Its been mentioned to me that my issues might be related to a bad ground. I've had to replace the starter and alternator within a month of each other. Is it possible this might be related to a grounding issue and if so how would I go about finding it.
Expert:  cardoctor71 replied 8 months ago.

You would need to be extremely proficient in the use of a digital volt ohm meter, and you would need specific color coded wiring diagrams for your vehicle according to your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) , go here for diagrams , If you are not proficient with a volt ohm meter it would be best to search out a technician of you choice in your area. Please RATE my service on the ratings page, if you have additional questions I will answer them, until you are completely satisfied with my answers.