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My son fell asleep in my suburban with the truck in neutral,

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My son fell asleep in my suburban with the truck in neutral, and his foot full throttle for God knows how long. For approximately 25 minutes i was hearing this very loud noise and by yhe time I figured where the noise was coming from, got out to the truck it sounded like the truck was going to explode. When I opened the truck door my son was hunched over. I pushed him, he woke and shut engine off. There was this awful smell, like something burning, and what looked like a light smoke inside the truck. Now the truck is knocking. What damage could occur to the engine when idling at full throttle for an unknown amount of time.

The first thing that would happen would be the engine would run hot, the oil would break down, and the exhaust would get very hot. All of these things combined could cause the bearings on the crank shaft to for a lack of better words, melt.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Thank you so much for your quick response to my question. It is a beautiful vehicle and for 900.00 I can get a rebuilt engine installed, that's engine and labor out the door. Not sure what to do, but I'll definitely lose money on it if I don't get it up and running. Thanks again for your help. At least I'm not going into this completely in the dark. I now look like I know something, ha! ha!!

If you are going to keep the truck, then yes a rebuilt engine is the way to go. If you want the best engine you can get with a really good warranty then you should look into getting one from LKQ. The rebuilt engines they have are the best I have ever used, and there warranty is untouchable even by a place such as Jasper engines. If the engine ever fails, all you have to pay for will be the fluids, oil and coolant. They cover every last dime of labor as well as sending you another engine.

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