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George H.
George H., ASE Certified Technician
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I have a k15753 pickup and the thermometer on the mirror

Customer Question

I have a k15753 pickup and the thermometer on the mirror hasn't worked for the past few years. Where is the sending unit and what are the common failures for this problem? Gary M.
JA: What year is your Pickup?
Customer: 2003
JA: Are you hoping to fix this yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Nothing, except make sure there is voltage at themirror
JA: Anything else you think the mechanic should know?
Customer: Nothing that I can think of
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  George H. replied 11 months ago.

Hello I will help you with your question,

The ambient temp sensor is mounted behind the right turn signal as shown here >click<

Look for it and let me know if you can find it. If you can and it is intact I can help you replace it and test it.

What does the temp read? just lines?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Temperature is blank. Found the air sensor, 5 volts going to it, but no continuity between connectiona when sensor is removed from wiring tested with ohmmeter. Does this open circuit mean sensor is bad? Gary m
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Sensor is a gm 90477289
Expert:  George H. replied 11 months ago.

If you short the connection together with a paperclip do you get any reading on the mirror? It should read very hot. If the engine was off for more than 2 hours and the engine temp is almost the same as the air temp the mirror should read real time

You tested the resistance of the sensor and got no reading as if the meter leads were not making contact? If so the sensor is open and needs to be replaced.

Let me know how I can help

Thank you

Expert:  George H. replied 11 months ago.

You can force a temp reading by turning the key on and pressing the mode, front defrost and the rear defrost buttons at the same time

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I don't believe I have a rear defrost button in this pickup. After I replace the sensor, will I need to do anything special to calibrate it? When it worked before, it seemed to be very accurate
Expert:  George H. replied 11 months ago.

No, the sensor is plug and play. Do you have the manual AC controls?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
No manual ac. I just turn the temperature know on left or right to adjust
Expert:  George H. replied 11 months ago.

OK, so that is the automatic system.

If the sensor read open with the ohmeter then I would replace it. Tose are only a few dollars.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Knob, not know correction. There is one on each side
Expert:  George H. replied 11 months ago.

Yes, I understand