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I have an 07 corvette. no matter how i try, the driver side

Customer Question

i have an 07 corvette. no matter how i try, the driver side door will not shut.
this is weird, in that it comes after the following development.
i had mistakenly not shut the car door on monday evening and when i came to drive it yesterday it would not start. the strange part of this was that, for the first time ever, the doors would not open. fortunately, the coupe top was not on and i was therefor able to climb into the car.
i called aaa to help start the car, climbed in it, and was able to open and close the door in order to start it after the aaa person attached the cable to his truck and my car.
strangely, right before he was able to jump start the car, i was unable to open the car from the inside. i then pulled up the lever on the side of the seat and the door opened.
after the car started, i left it out with the motor running in order to get a full charge.
when i came back to the car, i opened the driver side door and backed it into my garage. after i shut off the motor, AND HERE THE PROBLEM THAT I'M WRITING ABOUT -- the door would not close.
it still won't, and i've tried everything i could -- reading the owner's manual the best i could to try to solve the problem by pressing the door open/door close button on the inside part of the door. nothing has worked.
the only way i was able to "close" the door before going to bed, and for now, was to prop up a heavy pot to the outside part of the door, which has been able to close it tight enough to stop the battery from draining.
so here i am, with the battery and starter now ok, but obviously unable to drive my car because the driver side door won't shut.
can you help?
michael horowitz (###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Mike S. replied 1 year ago.

Is the door lock stuck on?

I read a tsb about "

Some customers may comment that the inside door handle release button switch will not

release the either drivers or passenger door. Verify that the door lock is not on. Further

investigation will show that the door will function from the release handle/cable on the floor

next to the inside rocker panel. This may be the result of a stuck Exterior Door Handle Switch

(touch pad) on the outside of the vehicles door."