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I ran out of gas yesterday, filled my Chevy hhr ss with 5

Customer Question

I ran out of gas yesterday, filled my Chevy hhr ss with 5 gallons of gas and had a hard time starting it. Eventually it did start. Now this morning I am having the same problem starting it, but there's gas in the car.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Ron Z. replied 1 year ago.

Hi Adam. I'm Ron Z and I'll be helping you today. Unfortunately, on most GM vehicles, when you run out of fuel, this quickly harms the fuel pump. The fuel itself is used to keep the fuel pump cool during operation. When there is no fuel to keep it cool, it burns out internally, very quickly. At this point, the fuel pressure reading will need to be taken and see if the fuel pump is working at full capacity. There is no external, serviceable fuel filter on this vehicle, so if fuel pressure is low, either the pump is failing or some tank debris was pulled into the internal filter and has clogged. You can "try" a bottle of fuel injector cleaner, but like I say, more commonly, it's going to be a pump issue here. Correct fuel pressure for this vehicle is 57-67 psi and does not decrease greater than 5 psi in 1 minute with key-on/engine-off. Please remember to do the right thing and leave a rating using the stars at the top of the page or 'accept' my answer.
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