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GM Tech (Cam)
GM Tech (Cam), Chevy Technician
Category: Chevy
Satisfied Customers: 29521
Experience:  GM Grand Master Technician 2007. 14 years experience.
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Working on 1998 chevy 2500 wired in trailer plug in 7way

Customer Question

working on 1998 chevy 2500 wired in trailer plug in 7way flat found blue an orange wire in wire harness running along left frame everything good so far wired brake controller to cold side of brake switch white wire. i mistakenly thought the white wire in the harness with other wires to rear of vehicle was a grond blew 20 amp fuse for stop also melted white wire along left frame up to brake switch and to 6 pin connector and wires touching i need to find all damaged wires going into large wiring harnessw, having hard time getting hands and eyes up under there to inspect any suggestions thank you lyle
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  GM Tech (Cam) replied 1 year ago.

Hi Lyle. I am Cam. SO you need to remove part of the dash or roll it to get at this, is that correct?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i have traced the white wire from the brake light switch to where it combineds with another white wire an then they connect to four white wires. from this point i have replaced all wires leading back to a new brake light switch i will install. i didn't have to remove the dash inorder to do this. with all soldered connections. question for you cam. is there any reason that comes to mind that i can't start reasembling every thing i removed under the dash? i originally wired my trailor brake controller to cold side of brake light switch witch was a white wire. what is the white wire in the harness running along the left frame to the rear of the truck? when i grounded this wire it caused the short.
Expert:  GM Tech (Cam) replied 1 year ago.

If you were able to isolate and replace all damaged wiring, then I see no reason that you would need to keep it apart. The concern as always is what was damaged due to the heat beside it. Wiring harnesses I have seen, some require complete dismantling to repair, but again if you found all the damage and replaced it then yes, assemble it.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
again what is the white wire in the harness running along the left frame rail to the rear?
Expert:  GM Tech (Cam) replied 1 year ago.

There is one white wire that grounds at the rear bumper that is the trailer plug ground. There is a white wire that feeds the centre high mount stop light. For the regular rear lights I do not see any others.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the white wire that grounds the trailer plug just grounds to the frame ? the white wire in harness on frame with other light wiresi iwill cut out to avoid any problems again . i dont know the purpose of it but it is there
Expert:  GM Tech (Cam) replied 1 year ago.

Yes, the ground wire goes directly to frame. Could this white wire be in fact an old yellow that's discoloured?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
cam it is a bonifide 14 awg white wire all research i have done and consulting with a gm guru in my area ,schematics i came up with, it just doesn show up anywhere . but it had to have been energized to have caused the problem
Expert:  GM Tech (Cam) replied 1 year ago.

The schematics don't show a white then that size to the back. Does it get power with the key on? All the time?