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This is a general question with experience of remote

Customer Question

generator switch wiring diagramThis is a general question for someone with experience of remote starters. I just received a replacement key switch for a 16hp 10,000 watt generator from China. After waiting weeks, it doesn't work so I wanted to explore using a remote starter. The key is a 3 position switch: off, on start. "Off" position has 2 circuits, "on" has 0 circuits and "start" has 1 circuit. Is there an easy application of a basic remote car starter kit that could be applied to the generator? Apologies for posting in the Chevy section... If there is an accessories category, I couldn't find it.

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Dr.Carz replied 1 year ago.

I am a sucker for punishment lets give it a go I like the idea! If its an engine we can start it!What type of engine?If gas then your everyday run of the mill remote starter can be wired into into it (walmart) ! instructions are straight forward just need a test light. Basically you need to know crank power and tap in,Run power and tap in and either RPM or VOLTAGE input to verify start. The only issue I see is that it will time out after 15 minutes. I recommend tapping into the rpm signal for reliability.