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JOHN aka Eauto
JOHN aka Eauto, The Car Guy
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I'm interested in buying a 2008 chevy suburban with 6.0 L76

Customer Question

I'm interested in buying a 2008 chevy suburban with 6.0 L76 I has 223,000 miles and a "tick"...lifter or rocker or some such. Don't beleive it is a "slap"
I know it will likely run a while like this...But this is a nice truck...well taken care of interior etc is all good. I don't care about the 6.0 i have kids..not racecars to pull. its an ltz 1500...not 2500.
my question is which is the best future solution for me to plan for when it wets the bed.
a top and bottom rebuild
a used 6.0 swap (kind of hard to find) and expensive
swap for a 5.3 (tons lying around and cheap) my favorite option...better fuel economy etc. it is a 1500 after all.
thanks for your insight...dont know if the 5.3 and 50 will swap but surely they will
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  JOHN aka Eauto replied 1 year ago.

It depends on the condition of internals.. If the crank and bore is still good rebuild it.. there are lots of used 6. motors out there try Its easier to do a exact replacement all day long over a conversion