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I have a GMC 2001 Seirra when into the chevrolet dealer to

Customer Question

I have a GMC 2001 Seirra when into the chevrolet dealer for repair to my main seal, head, and oil pan caskets.
now i can't pass the California smog test. The Smog tech said sense the battery cable was disconnected i need to use my truck over 250 miles, which i did city and freeway miles.
it still not passing. said i need to run another 200 mile in the highway at 55 mph.
is this some correct? i saw online the Computer module may be in a loop. Should i disconnect the battery again or do what the smog tech said? Thank you Charlie
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  BOBBYSS replied 1 year ago.

Hello Charlie, my name is Bobby. The smog tech is right. When the computer is cleared or if the battery is disconnected the computer will need to run through its monitors before it is ready to be smogged. This can take some time. It can take up to a few hundred miles. You need to do varying driving. Go out on a long drive holding highway speeds of about 65 mph. Then slowly decelerate without hitting the brakes and allow the vehicle to come to a stop pulling off of an off ramp. Then pull over and turn the vehicle off and back on. Then do some around town driving with light and hard acceleration. Do this and also pull over and turn the truck off and drive again. You will need to complet a few of these drive cycles for this to reset. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else.