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jcv2118, Chevy Technician
Category: Chevy
Satisfied Customers: 188
Experience:  Gm tech for 5 years, Service Manager at a Chevrolet dealer for 6 years.
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That would be great did you read what we have already done

Customer Question

that would be great did you read what we have already done
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  jcv2118 replied 1 year ago.

yes I read what you have done.

Got a couple of questions.

Expert:  jcv2118 replied 1 year ago.

So what scanner are you using for this job ?

Also did the problem start after the clutch job or are you aware of it being bad before ?

Expert:  jcv2118 replied 1 year ago.

I want to figure out which of the computer data lines doesnt work when the car doesnt start...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It came in for a no start condition. I had put all them parts on cause I cant figure it out. I have a snap on solus pro. the car will only communicate if the gauges work. it used to start 1 outa 5 times if the gauges worked now it wont crank. im leading torward the cluster being bad. looked like the wiring schematic runs threw it being called the smart module?? the u code is a bus communication. im at a loss
Expert:  jcv2118 replied 1 year ago.

I feel the same way, the cluster is the most likely faillure. Try to get a used on at the junk yard to test. Also try the following: Get the schematic for the computer data lines. Then disconnect the modules in the different data lines one by one to see if one of them is interrupting the communications. You can have the solus on there and each time you disconnect something then try and communicate with the ecm. This is what I normally do to catch these types of issues. Also as long as you are disconnecting the computers go ahead and do a thorough check of the wiring that is close to them. I did hava a cadillac cts that had bad wiring under the front passenger seat and when they mpved the seat a bit it would ground out the gmlan and the thing had to be towed...

Expert:  jcv2118 replied 1 year ago.

any luck with this ?