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Ron Z.
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Chevy 1990: Cool hey lee I'm a lady with a beautiful 90 caprice

Customer Question

Cool hey lee I'm a lady with a beautiful 90 caprice I want to know where is the check engine lite located my service engine lite illuminates but not a check engine litte tammy
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Ron Z. replied 2 years ago.
Hi Tammy! I'm sorry the Tech you requested was unavailable to assist you today. It appears that Tech is currently "Offline". Now that his 15 minute "request lock" has expired, hopefully I can be of some assistance in his place...On this vehicle, there is no "Check Engine Light". The "Service Engine Soon" light *IS* the Check Engine Light. Way back in the 90's, not every vehicle conformed to the same set-up. GM used the Service Engine Soon, while other car makers went with the Check Engine Light. It wasn't until 1996 or so when all the car makers got together and decided to use one system across every brand for ease in diagnosis and customer friendliness. So, when there is a problem in one of the monitored systems, you will see the Service Engine Soon light. Please do the right thing and remember to leave a rating using the rating system at the top right of this page or accept the answer so I may be credited for this Q&A. You can ask follow-up questions even after you rate or accept.