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chevy silverado 1500: Ok i have a 92 chevy silverado 1500 6

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Ok i have a 92 chevy silverado 1500 6 cylinder.
a month ago or so it started to stall out at a stop light or come close to stalling unless i gave it gas. I replaced the egr valve not to long ago, so I changed another sensor on the left side of the throttle body, but it wasnt the tps sensor. I then noticed it wasn't get fuel from the left injector, and the fuel wasn't a good spray pattern on the right side, so i replaced both injectors.
Still no fuel from the left side. I then checked all connections and even disconnected and reconnected the ecm behind the glove box. Boom everything was great, no longer stalling and both fuel injectors working
I did notice that the ideal speed or rpms at the stop position after the truck warmed up would get low like 500-600 rpm and simultaneously the oil pressure would drop until I gave it gas and began to drive. I have driven it like this for roughly 2-3weeks.

Tried to get my inspection done but failed miserably my "NOx(ppm)" levels were way too high, the mechanic said my cadalidic converter was more than likely shot.
Then today upon starting my truck the engine light came on and it was acting up again. The trouble shoot codes i got are 32,33, and 45.
I have been sweating over this truck, I thought I could do this myself but its just driving me nuts

Hi,My name is Tim,

I will do my best to assist you

i think you may have a bad map sensor,this is what is causing you to run rich and the reason the o2 sensor gives the rich code;;..also,you may have a bad egr solenoid,this is what tyhe vacuum line from the egr valve connects to....

\i will give you some tests/checks you can do for these codes


please copy and paste the link below to your main browser. I have uploaded more info on this there




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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I meant to say i have also replaced the map sensor.