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Chevrolet Cobalt LT: I am thinking of buying a 2008 Chevy Cobalt

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I am thinking of buying a 2008 Chevy Cobalt LT for my daughter, I am trying to determine maintenance concerns. Does it have a timing belt and if so how often does it need replacing? Are there any other isues I shoud be concerned with?The one we are looking at has 50,000 miles on it.
Hello! Welcome to the site! Thanks for coming! I'm Ron Z. I'm here to provide as much information and insight as I can, to best answer your question.

The 2008 Cobalt LT comes with a 2.2L engine. This engine has a timing "chain" not a timing "belt". There is no service interval at which to replace the chain, as it was designed to last the life of the vehicle. The 2.2L engine is actually an extremely strong, tight engine. Chevy has been using the chain-drive 2.2L a very long time! (If it ain't broke, don't fix it! LOL!). This engine is tough! Definitely a good investment.

As for other problems... there aren't many. Currently, I only see one Recall. It's for the Electric Power Steering Motor. Other than that... just a few minor things here and there (an OnStar problem, rear seats squeak, etc... all minor).

So... the botXXXXX XXXXXne is... good, solid, dependable vehicle. Definitely worth the investement! Keep the oil changed every 7,500 miles, and this vehicle will last a long time!

(If there was something specific you were thinking about, that I didn't address, please ask!)

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