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Chevrolet F1500: I recently (less than 3,000 miles ago) put

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I recently (less than 3,000 miles ago) put in new clutch and through out bearing in my 1997 Chevy 4x4 half ton pickup with a Vortex v6 engine. Now my clutch is slipping slightly. What can I do to stop it before I burn up my new clutch? Is there an adjustment I can do to tighten it up?
Hello, My name isXXXXX will do my best to assist you.
When you just touch the clutch pedal, does it have any play at the top ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

About an inch at the top then it begins resistance and get heavier about half way down. When coming back up from the bottom the clutch pedal travels better than half way before it starts to engage thus now being soft to spungy till it is completely at the top.

wow,l have to think this one. Did you do the slave cylinder and pressure plate? what was orginal problem with clutch, was flywheel turned?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The pressure plate and slave were replaced, flywheel was not turned. The vehicle was repaired because it would not move any more with the old clutch plate and we replaced the throughout being we had it apart. Being it is a hydrolic system is there any adjustment like the older machanical clutches?

the problem here is this, no, there is NO adjustment other than, a possible clucth rod adjustment. meaning, up under dash, cluthc master pedal rod may? be adjustable.
Thsi is why I asked about free play travel which you have so.. that adjust is fine. If no freeplay? it could have explained the problem and we would have shortened the rod some
othere than this? NO other adjustments so,, I kind of doubt air, just not the symptoms for this
This leaves the direction we do not want to go.A defectiive pressure plate or disc
Your describing a pressure plate problem
Turning flywheel can help fix this as well. We do not turn all but if you have to go back in, I would try to have it turned
I wish I had better news but I dod not. You have the freeplay, sounds like no air but does sound like a pressure plate that may very well be defective
If there was another adjustment, I surely would send that ifno but NOT on hydraulic systems
If the mater is not releasing pressure to the slave, this is possible, but hard to diagnose without changing the master cylinder
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