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Chevrolet Tahoe Z71: I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71, 5.3L, 4WD

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I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71, 5.3L, 4WD 150K- Mods include K&N cold Air Induction, Air Raid Throttle body spacer.
My issue (I believe) is with the transmission. From a parked position, I put the truck in Drive, apply gas and this it what follows: goes into 1st gear as normal and shifts into 2nd as normal. (No problem here) As 2nd gear starts to get higher in RPM's, right before the shift into 3rd, the RPM's surge about 3000-4000 above the shift point and then come down for the shift into 3rd. After that it shifts into 4th no problem. I have learned to 'feather' the throttle from 2nd to 3rd so the RPM surge is minimal but this can't be good over the long term. This has been going on for close to a year now and my local repair shop has done a full transmission fluid exchange, Throttle Body cleaning and they seem to be stumped. And its not throwing any codes either.
Any thoughts?
Unfortunately, is sounds like your transmission is slipping. To fix this it requires a rebuild of the transmission. The 4L60e transmissions in these applications is know to have problems after about 120K-200K.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thanks for the timely response. I was afraid that might be the answer. So if I am going to keep the truck for another 50K or so, is the more prudent option to rebuild the transmission I have or purchase something like a Rebuilt Jasper Transmission?

Thanks in advance,

Most of the companies that rebuild transmissions will use updated parts to fix the common issues on the 4L60E. It is a must to upgrade the sun shell and 3-4 clutch pack. All of this is listed in the ASTG manuals that most shops use.

Any transmission shop worth their salt will do this to avoid come backs and warranty issues. So any rebuild shop should be able to take care of your needs without you having to order a very expensive unit like a Jasper.