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I have a 98 Chevy s10 we replace the ignition switch and now

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I have a 98 Chevy s10 we replace the ignition switch and now truck dies upon starting Is there anyway to unlock the security or put it in by pass for this issue? We tried the three-step relearn process for the computer Turning key on for 10 minutes 3 times did not work
There is an security bypass available for remote start units. With some careful wiring of it you could cause it to stay activated (full time bypass) all the time. Not the preferred method, over fixing the root cause but an option.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
This vehicle was not equipped with a remote start option and I don't see a viable solution to the problem. After gathering information from others I understand I'll have to take the vehicle to the dealer to have it reprogrammed . Is this correct?
I realize it was not equipped with remote start.

However, you can wire in a remote start module to trick the engine computer into cranking and running like normal. This type of bypass is installed when a aftermarket remote start is used. You don't need the remote start just the bypass unit.

Yes, they are correct if you have had problems with the passkey system. Then sometimes it takes a dealer scan tool to reset/reinitialize the system.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hey clay its Rick again about the 98 s10 starting issue! I did as you suggested it installed a bypass security system Remote start module in the truck did start However the truck would not restart after the third crank I believe the model is bad And am replacing it today Thank you for your suggestion that should work okay
Thanks for posting and letting me know.