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Chevy Traverse LT2: I have a 2009 Traverse LT2 that the air

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I have a 2009 Traverse LT2 that the air will only come out of the floor vent. I move the switch to top vents and nothing, the rear unit works fine and is the only way I can drive here in Texas and be somewhat cool. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello! Welcome to the site! Thanks for coming! I'm Ron Z. I'm here to provide as much info and insight as I can, to best answer your question.

When the air flow will not switch direction according to the control panel selection, this is most commonly due to a faulty Mode Door Actuator Motor. This actuator is when "turns" the door inside the HVAC housing to redirect air flow. Carefully inspect the electrical connector and wire harness for any loose, broken or damaged wires. Remove the Actuator and inspect the mount on the housing for any broken parts. If the visual insepction checks ok, replace the Actuator. To gain proper access, remove the passenger's side silencer panel (the one right above where the passenger's feet would be) and removing the glove box helps a great deal as well.

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