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Chevrolet Impala: where can I locate the A/C drain pipe or

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where can I locate the A/C drain pipe or tube on a 2009 chevy Impala. How can I unplug it as water in coming in the front passenger side of the vehicle. I need help locating it and how to best unplug it.

Hello and good morning. You will need to view the firewall from the passenger side and underneath the vehicle. The evaporator drain will come out of the firewall relatively low and on the passengers side. It will be around 1/3 of the way from the passenger side across the firewall. If it utilizes a rubber boot, you may be able to squeeze the boot to start fluid flow. If you do not, use something like a pipe cleaner to probe around inside the hole you find for the drain. You want something firm yet flexible so it will not cause any damage in the case. Be prepared for significant amounts of fluid to drain, once you clear the obstruction.


Your JA Expert,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

can you supply me with a picture of what the area looks like that I will be working on. Thanks

There are no specific illustrations available for your car specifically, but here are a couple of other vehicles that will give you an idea of area. You will find yours in a similar area and with similar designs.


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