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Chevrolet Impala: My 08 Chevy Impala SS wont shift into gear.

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My 08 Chevy Impala SS won't shift into gear. Upon starting the engine, it will allow me to shift only a few times before it no longer responds. It's as if I'm in park the whole time. It makes an awkward sound as well. I noticed a month ago that the car would studder around 3rd gear. And recently it completely gave out. The car runs perfectly but won't shift. Any suggestions?

so right now if you start it up and shift into reverse what will it do?then shift into drive what will it do ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Starting the car cold, it will shift fine. R, D, N, 3,2,1. After being on for a few minutes, I can shift but the vehicle doesn't respond. Putting it into drive, I am only revving the engine. It does the same thing in all gears.

ok so even reverse it will do this when it acts up correct? And the fluid IS full in the transmission ?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes. Even in reverse it does this when it acts up. And yes the trans fluid is full.

ok more than likely there is an internal failure inside the transmission as even if that transmission was totally disconnected electrically it should no matter what have reverse and a forward gear hands down

since you are not even getting reverse and the fluid is full the input clutches are worn out or the transmissions pump or torque convertor have failed

it will need to be removed and rebuilt OR the cheapest way out is to install a used/salvage yard transmission into that car

I wish I had a quick fix but at this point it is an internal failure

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks anyway.

why did you rate poor service?if you have any questions please ask

what was so poor about the service?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I appreciate your time and attention but anyone could have told me just to replace the trans.

what answer did you want ?

there is an internal failure inside the transmission nothing else it can be I was telling you the cheapest way out

I didn't design or make the transmission its very hard for us to break news like this to customers

no reason to shoot the messenger


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Not shooting the messenger. But I was expecting more than just "bad trans." I'm sure there could be something else. Maybe a bad input sensor, shift solenoid, trans fluid temp sensor. Etc. you went straight to the worst case scenario. It's ok tho. Thanks.

did you read what I said about reverse?

reverse uses NO electronics to operate

if that transmission was completely disconnected ALL the electronics it STILL should move in reverse

since reverse it will NOT move it IS internal failure

there is nothing else that will stop reverse from working other than an internal failure

shift solenoids are NOT used for reverse neither is a speed signal or anything electrical

its not worse case scenario it IS what is wrong in the inside of it

and to add the awkward sound you hear even backs it up even more that there is an internal failure and you are hearing the internal failure happen with that sound


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