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Chevrolet Impala LT: 2006 Impala engine surges or trans slipping

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2006 Impala engine surges or trans slipping when in overdrive not sure which any idea what going bad/
is the check engine light on? will the check engine light come on and blink when its acting up ? was anything down at all to theis car recently like a tunes up ect... ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no engine light, no on 2nd question, only kind of repair I replaced vapor canister by fuel tank

what you are feeling can be caused by either the engine misfiring or the transmission coming in and out of lock up causing this kind of problem the way to tell the difference is the car needs to be driven with a scan connected to it and when its acting up see if there are any current misfires when its acting up if there are then there is more than like a bad spark plug or possibly a bad coil or fuel injector if the scan tool shows no misfires switch over to the transmissions data list with the scan tool and when its acting up see what the transmissions slip speed is reading when the torque converter is in lock up if its reading over 25 and kinda bouncing up to say 500 then 100 then 25 then 3oo something like that then the surge you are feeling is something wrong inside the transmission.which will more than likey need to some out and be rebuilt.if by chance the transmissions slip speed stays below @ 25 then it would have to be the engine causing the problem
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