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roadsidejerry, auto mechanic
Category: Chevy
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Experience:  Auto Mechanic 39 years, 30 with NYPD Fleet Service Division
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chevy silverado3500dual93 93 lwb v8 gas: 93silverado 3500

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93silverado 3500 dual cab. truck was stored for 4 yrs prior to purchase, when bringinc home brakes binding almost immediately, i opened bleed screws to selease pressure ,got me home but brakes still binding bad. seems to build brake pressure around master cylinder area.removed master cylinder ,seems ok ,only 18,000 mls on vehicle. slight rust on unit behind master cylinder mounting .i am a retired motor engineer but not up to date with american systems . please help , regards XXXXX XXXXX hutchinson ,n.ireland
Hello Jim, if pressure is building up,in the system, something is holding the master cylinder slightly applied. Your system uses the power steering pump pressure to assist in braking . The problem may be due to a slight binding in the pedal assembly under the dashboard, or internal to the hydraulic booster behind the master cylinder.Check to see that the pedal,is coming all the way back, and you have some play before the brake pedal applies. You can try adjusting the rod between the pedal and brake booster, make it a little shorter. If this doesn't help you will need to replace the hydraulic booster.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

sorry//// brake problem still as before, front brakes still binding very bad ,mostly on drivers side front. and very wicked when brake applied gently. what are the alloy block 2off at side of master cylinder,where brake pipes enter one end and exit opposite end,going to m cylinder,with electric connection in the centre. question to roadside jerry please.

That alloy block is the combination valve, limiting pressure to,the rear brakes, and turns on the warning light if you lose brake fluid on the front or rear brakes. You may have a problem with the brake hoses that connect to the front calipers, they can deteriorate internally, and hold pressure in the calipers. You will not see anything own the outside of the hose indicating a problem.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

dear roadsidejerry, thanks again for your expertise with my continuing brake problem with my silverado. i will now order in 2 front flexable brake hoses to try and eliminate possible problem, and will let you know results asap. thanks again. kind regards, jim hutchinson motors,n,ireland.

Ok, let me know how it goes. Roadside Jerry.