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chevy: check engine light comes..only works..3rd gear

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Any chevy specialist available? I have a code P0758. And when the check engine light comes on the transmission only works in 3rd gear.
i would think you will need to replace the 2-3 shift solenoid,,,it seems it is getting hot and sticking
1998 Chevy Truck S10/T10 Blazer 4WD V6-4.3L VIN W
Computers and Control Systems Testing and Inspection, Diagnostic Trouble Code Tests and Associated Procedures: P Code Charts, P0758
Diagnostic Chart

Diagnostic Chart

Diagnostic Chart

Wiring Diagram


The 2-3 Shift Solenoid Valve (2-3 SS Valve) controls the fluid flow acting on the 2-3 shift valves. The solenoid is a normally-open exhaust valve. With the 1-2 Shift Solenoid Valve (1-2 SS Valve), the 2-3 SS Valve allows four different shifting combinations. The solenoid attaches to the control valve body within the transmission. The 2-3 SS Valve receives ignition voltage through circuit 1020. The Vehicle Control Module (VCM) controls the solenoid by providing the ground path on circuit 1223.

When the VCM detects a continuous open or short to ground in the 2-3 SS Valve circuit or the 2-3 SS Valve, then DTC P0758 sets. DTC P0758 is a type A DTC.


^ The system voltage is 10-16 volts.

^ The engine speed is greater than 450 RPM for 5 seconds.

^ Not in fuel cutoff.

^ All of the above conditions are met for 5 seconds and either of the following fail conditions occurs for 5 seconds:

- The VCM commands the solenoid ON and the voltage input remains high (B+).

- The VCM commands the solenoid OFF and the voltage input remains low (0 volts).


^ The VCM illuminates the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL).

^ The VCM commands third gear only.

^ The VCM commands maximum line pressure.

^ The VCM inhibits Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) engagement.

^ The VCM freezes shift adapts from being updated.

^ DTC P0758 stores in VCM history.


^ The VCM turns OFF the MIL after three consecutive trips without a failure reported.

^ A scan tool can clear the DTC from the VCM history. The VCM clears the DTC from the VCM history if the vehicle completes 40 warm-up cycles without a failure reported.

^ The VCM cancels the DTC default actions when the fault no longer exists and the ignition is OFF long enough in order to power down the VCM.


^ Inspect the wiring at the VCM, the transmission connector and all other circuit connecting points for the following conditions:

- A bent terminal.

- A backed out terminal.

- A damaged terminal.

- Poor terminal tension.

- A chafed wire.

- A broken wire inside the insulation.

- Moisture intrusion.

- Corrosion.

^ When diagnosing for an intermittent short or open condition, massage the wiring harness while watching the test equipment for a change.

^ Refer to the Shift Solenoid Valve State and Gear Ratio table.


The numbers below refer to the step numbers on the diagnostic table.

4. This step tests the function of the 2-3 SS Valve and the Automatic Transmission Wiring Harness Assembly (A/T Wiring Harness Assembly).

5. This step tests for power to the 2-3 SS Valve from the ignition through the fuse.

7. This step tests the ability of the VCM and of the wiring to control the ground circuit.

10. This step measures the resistance of the A/T Wiring Harness Assembly and of the 2-3 SS Valve.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have a Snap On Verdict and I can command the 2-3 solenoid on and off so I know its working.
you need to remove the solenoid,,,then connect voltage to it to get it hot,,,it may work cold,,but could be sticking when it gets hot,,,,,also,,another thing that can cause this is the pressure switch,and,may not get a code for can buy the set on ebay for around 50+/-
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I can command the 2-3 solenoid on with my scanner so doesn't that means its working?
will it shift gears when you comand the 1-2 and the 2-3?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
From a stop, when I start off and command the 2-3 solenoid I can feel it engage however front the same stop when I command the 1-2 solenoid, nothing happens.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Also the check engine light came on yesterday during testing and this morning when I checked it while it was still cold it had the same symptoms. 3rd gear take off and an active DTC of P0758. I drove it for about an hour yesterday and nothing happened. Then after I parked it for about 30 minutes or so and tried to drive again the "cel" came on immediately.
remove the pan,,,,
test the solenoid,,if it is ok after you get it hot ...replace the pressure switch,,again,,the thing to do,is to replace all three while you have the pan off,,i rebuild these 4l60e transmissions.,,and,have seen this a few times
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
How certain are you that this will fix the problem? If you are certain I will replace it and if you are spot on I have I don't mind paying you a little extra. I just want to get the job completed.
i would say 90% sure,,,with a 10% margin

Please ACCEPT my answer by clicking the accept button, so I can get credit for my work.i don't receive commission unless you do ..I'm not always going to be giving you good news,so please don't let this stand in the way of you accepting my does not cost you more money.we will still be able to communicate.please understand,i can not see,hear or touch the vehicle and only know what you tell me. Bonuses and positive feedback are appreciated!if you are not satisfied with my answer,please do not leave bad feed back,i will gladly opt out and let another expert handle the question.if i have sent any diagrams,please print them.they will only stay on here for an hour or so...sometimes you may need to right click the image,then save picture as]to save it to your computer so you can open it with your picture program...PLEASE ASK IF YOU NEED MORE HELP

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I changed the solenoids and the pressure switch and as soon as we put it all back together the "check engine light" went off so I hope that means its fixed. Also, and I don't know if you were aware of this or not but the guy at the transmission parts said that on these vehicles sometimes the rear lights would cause transmission issues. Well we had rear light issues as well but I was going to let that wait until the trans issue was resolved. Either way we now have the trans and the lights working properly. Do you do A/C as well?
never heard of the rear lights causing a transmission problem
yes,,i may be able to help you with your a/c....send me a request