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corvette: accessory packages and body styles; ex LT1, ls4, z1, Z06

Resolved Question:

I am trying to figure out the meaning of the alpha/numeric nomenclature that covette uses to describe engine,accessory packages and body styles; ex LT1, LS4, Z1, Z06, .....etc. Is there a reference document? Is there any logic or meaning in these abbreviations.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  MrDiag replied 5 years ago.

MrDiag :

Sorry. That if you recieved that previous post, it didn't include everything that I intended. I will provide a link below to tell you almost everything about corvettes. The LT, and LS codes are for the engine package

5.7 Liter LT1, LT4, LT5 V8
5.7 Liter LS1, LS6 V8
6.0 Liter LS2 V8
6.2 Liter LS3 V8
7.0 Liter LS7 V8
6.2 Liter LS9 V8 supercharged

The ZR1, Z06, Z51 are pertaining to performance pakage ie suspension etc.

The C4, C5, C5 etc is referring to the generation.

Here is the link:

I hope you find this info helpful. If you need anything else let me know. Thanks

MrDiag and other Chevy Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Waiting for answer to my third question
Expert:  MrDiag replied 5 years ago.
I apologize if you didn't receive all of the information you were looking for. I thought that link I provided covered it all. What information are you still looking for. I will do my best to help. Again, sorry for any misunderstanding.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dear Mr. Diag,


1. Would you explain what "Active Handling" is? How does it work?


2. Also, there are three modes of driving which are selected by a switch on the console. Would you please explain what these modes do and how they act? The owners manual does not do a good job of explaining. Also, last explanation from your colleague was not detailed enough.


3. Last question: Do you know of a good reference book which explains the workings of the 2008 Corvette. I do not think a shop manual is basic enough for me. The web site you referred me to was basically an excerpt from the Corvette Black Book which I have and read. It is ok but not very detailed. Also, It does not explain all of the acronyms which Covette uses (see previous questions).



Expert:  MrDiag replied 5 years ago.

Hi Tony,
I will do my best to try and shed some more light on the things that you have mentioned. My goal is to help you with your questions, and provide you with quality service. Unfortunately some information can be very difficult to obtain. I have looked and so far I have not been able to find any sort of good reference book that will tell you what you would like to know about your car, with any more detail than the owner’s manual. I would think that this type of info would be readily available for those of us that are Corvette enthusiasts, but am starting to wonder where it could be hiding. I will continue to look and let you know if I can find anything.

In the mean time, I can provide you with some info that might help. First, I will include a list of option codes, also known as RPO codes, for the C6 vettes. These codes are usually 3 characters and indicate options that were available for the vehicle. Most GM cars and trucks have an option label (sometimes on inside of glove compartment or in trunk) that lists the options the vehicle was built with. For instance, ZR1 is an actual option code for “Performance Package Special Coupe” on the Corvettes. The LS6, LS1, etc. are option codes for the engine. The C1-C6 which is not the same as an option code but is the generation of the Corvette. You will find a rather lengthy list of option codes at the end of this post.

Now, I will try to explain active handling. Active handling is designed to detect and correct unwanted vehicle maneuvers. Inputs to the control computer are provided by sensors which calculate steering angle, yaw rate, and lateral acceleration. (Yaw is the vehicle’s propensity to rotate about its center. Lateral acceleration is calculated by determining the amount of centrifugal force created in a turn.) The system also ties in with the ABS sensors, traction control sensors, and the hydraulic brake circuits. This system has the ability to grab hold of a poorly executed maneuver and help correct or reduce too much understeer (when the front tires are turned but the car is not turning as much as intended due to loss of traction in front tires to some degree,) or oversteer (when the car is turning more than intended due to loss of traction in the rear tires to some degree.) The Corvette’s system is much different than the older stability control systems which could react too quickly and take away the feel of performance and handling. The Corvette’s system still lets you have that sporty feel and have more input on what the car actually does. The system goes into action only when the car’s limits have been exceeded. The system activates when it determines there is a significant difference between what the driver is attempting to make the car do in a corner and what the car is actually doing in the corner.

Since some corvettes are driven on a race track occasionally, there is a competitive driving mode that deactivates the traction control system. Although the stability system’s sensors and wheel braking hydraulics are still armed and in the game, it still allows moderate wheel spin for added acceleration and cornering corrections (oversteer) without backing off the throttle, changing ignition timing, or applying brakes to spinning rear wheels.

I hope this information helps. Let me know what you think.

RPO codes that I have just found for the C6 Corvette.

AAB Memory Driver Convenience Package
ACA Net Cargo, Intrusion
AG2 Adjuster Passenger Seat Power, Multi-Directional
AJK Control Seat, Power Bolster, Power Lumbar
AJ7 Restraint System Seat, Inflatable, Driver and Passenger, Front and Side
AL0 Sensor Indicator Inflatable Restraint, Front Passenger/Child Presence Detector
ALP Altered Vehicle Altered Vehicle
ALZ Altered Vehicle Restricted Vehicle Content
AN4 Restraint Provisions Child
AP9 Net Convenience
AQ9 Seat Front Bucket, Passenger, Driver, Recliner
AR9 Seat Front Bucket, Deluxe
AXJ Vehicle Type Passenger Car
AX4 Restraint Conversion Seat, Manual, European
BAG Parts Package Export
BGR Plant Code Bowling Green, KY, USA
BS1 Insulation Acoustical Package
BTS Modification OSRVM, Field of View, ECE Requirement C6 Corvette RPO Codes
B1T Buildout Plant
B2M Identification First Three Weeks Orders
B3V Test Extended Water
B4H Modification Noise Control, Export
B4P Modification Noise Control, Transmission Control Module
CC3 Roof Hatch, Removable, Transparent
CE4 Washer Headlamp, High Pressure
CFB Roof Non-Removable
CFC Roof Non-Removable, Carbon Fiber C6 Corvette RPO Codes
CF7 Roof Hatch, Removable, Non-Transparent
CJ2 HVAC System Air Conditioner Front, Automatic Temperature Control, Auxiliary Temperature Control
CK4 Country Greece
CM7 Roof Convertible, Folding, Power
CT1 Country Belgium
CT2 Country Austria
CT3 Country Germany
CT4 Country Luxembourg
CT5 Country Netherlands
CT6 Country Italy
CT7 Country Denmark
CT9 Country Spain
CU1 Country Norway C6 Corvette RPO Codes
CU2 Country Finland
CU3 Country France
CU4 Country Sweden
CU5 Country Switzerland
CU7 Country Kuwait
CU8 Country Saudi Arabia
CU9 Country United Kingdom
CV3 Country Mexico
CV5 Country Japan
CV6 Country Chile
CW2 Country Gulf Areas (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE)
CX1 Country Argentina
C05 Roof Convertible Folding
C2L Roof Package, Dual Removable C6 Corvette RPO Codes
DCP Processing Directions and Connections Service Package C6 Corvette RPO Codes
DD0 Mirror Outside Left and Right, Remote Control, Electric, Heated Light Sensitive
DD8 Mirror Inside Rearview Light Sensitive
DL8 Mirror Outside Left and Right, Remote Control, Electric, Heated
D30 Color Override Approved Color and Trim Combinations, All Products C6 Corvette RPO Codes
D42 Shade Rear Compartment
EF7 Country United States of America (USA)
EPP Identification EPA Mass Certification
EXP Export I.E.S
E2C Order to Delivery Expedite to Customer C6 Corvette RPO Codes
FE1 Suspension System Soft Ride
FE2 Suspension System Ride, Handling
FE3 Suspension System Sport
FE4 Suspension System Special Ride and Handling C6 Corvette RPO Codes
FE5 Suspension System Ride, Handling, Performance
FE9 Certification Emission, Federal
FLT Sales Processing Option C6 Corvette RPO Codes
F49 Fleet Incentive Paramount Pictures C6 Corvette RPO Codes
F55 Chassis Continuously Variable Real Time Damping Magneto Rheological C6 Corvette RPO Codes
F92 Chassis Continuously Variable Real Time Damping Magneto Rheological, Specific Tuning
GM8 C6 Corvette RPO Codes Axle Rear 2.56 Ratio
GU2 Axle Rear 2.73 Ratio
GU6 Axle Rear 3.42 Ratio C6 Corvette RPO Codes
IL3 Trim Interior Design (L3)
IL5 Trim Interior Design (L5)
IL6 Trim Interior Design (L6)
IP3 Trim Interior Design (P3)
JAF Brake Provisions Europe C6 Corvette RPO Codes
JJA PT Dress Subassembly Installed (Modular Optimization Method Only)
JJB PT Dress Subassembly Not Installed (Modular Optimization Method Only)
JL5 Control Manual Transmission, First to Fourth Gear Skip Shift
JL9 Brake System Power, Front and Rear Disc, Antilock, Front and Rear Wheel
J55 Brake System Heavy Duty
J56 Brake System Power, Front and Rear Disc, Antilock, Front and Rear Wheel, Heavy Duty
J57 Brake System Power, Front and Rear Disc, Antilock, Front and Rear Wheel, Heavy Duty, Ceramic Rotors
KA1 Heater Seat, Front
KJ5 Protector Shipping, Shock Absorber C6 Corvette RPO Codes
KNP Cooling System Transmission, HD
KNR Cooling System Axle
KPS Cooler Oil, Engine
K63 Generator 110 amp
LS3 Engine Gas, 8 Cylinder, 6.2L, SFI, Aluminum, HO, GM
LS7 Engine Gas, 8 Cylinder, 7.0L, SFI, Aluminum, GM
LS9 Engine Gas, 8 Cylinder, 6.2L, SFI, Aluminum, HO, INTER CLR SC, GM
MAE Marketing Area Europe
MH3 Transmission Manual 6 Speed, Tremec, 85mm, 2.29 1st, 0.818 5th, 0.675 6th
MM6 Transmission Manual 6 Speed, Tremec, 85mm, 2.66 1st, 0.50 6th, O/D
MN6 Merchandised Transmission Manual 6 Speed Provisions
MX0 Merchandised Transmission Automatic Provisions, O/D
MYC Transmission Automatic 6 Speed, HMD, 6L80
MZ6 Transmission Manual 6 Speed, Tremec, 85mm, 2.97 1st, 0.57 6th, O/D
NA3 Emission System Japan
NB8 Emission Override California System
NB9 Emission Override Emissions Override, State-Specific
NC7 Emission Override Federal System
NE1 Certification Emission, Geographically Restricted Registration for Vehicles Up to 14,000 lbs GVW (Use 2003 Model Year)
NK4 Steering Wheel Sport Leather
NPP Exhaust System Performance
NP7 Steering Column EEC Approved
NT4 Emission System EEC 05
NT7 Emission System Federal, Tier 2
NU1 Emission System California, LEV2
NU5 Emission System California, Bin 4
N33 Steering Column Tilt Type
N37 Steering Column Tilt, Telescoping
PYC Wheel 18 x 9.5 Front and 19 x 12 Rear, Aluminum, Painted, VAR 2
PYD Wheel 18 x 9.5 Front and 19 x 12 Rear, Aluminum, Painted, VAR 3
PYE Wheel 18 x 9.5 Front and 19 x 12 Rear, Chrome, VAR 2
QG6 Wheel 18 x 8.5 Front and 19 x 10 Rear, Aluminum, Styled
QG7 Wheel 18 x 8.5 Front and 19 x 10 Rear, Polished
QL9 Wheel 18 x 9.5 Front and 19 x 12 Rear, Polished
QX1 Wheel 18 x 8.5 Front and 19 x 10 Rear, J, Aluminum, Painted (Do Not Use After Model Year 2011)
Q10 Wheel 18 x 9.5 Front and 19 x 12 Rear
Q44 Wheel 18 x 9.5 Front and 19 x 12 Rear, Aluminum, Painted
Q6A Wheel 19 x 10 Front and 20 x 12 Rear, Aluminum, Cast, Painted
Q6B Wheel 19 x 10 Front and 20 x 12 Rear, Aluminum, Cast, Chrome
Q6J Wheel 19 x 10 Front and 20 x 12 Rear, Aluminum, Cast, Chrome
Q8A Wheel 18 x 9.5 Front and 19 x 12 Rear, Chrome, VAR 1
Q9V Wheel 18 x 8.5 Front and 19 x 10 Rear, Aluminum, Forged Chrome
SSC Performance Package Super Sport
SSG Graphic Switch Function Symbol
TUM Alarm Seat Belt Warning, Additional
T1G Vehicle Military Personnel Delivery
T62 Lamp System Daytime Running - Delete
T79 Lamp Fog, Rear
T84 Headlamps Right Rule of the Road, E Mark
T85 Headlamps Left Rule of the Road, E Mark
T90 Lamp Signaling and Marker, Export
T93 Lamp Tail and Stop, Special
UA2 Theft Deterrent System Export Specific
UD4 Alarm Vehicle Speed, 120 km/h
UE1 Communication System Vehicle, G.P.S. 1
UG1 Opener Garage Door, Universal
UJM Tire Pressure Indicator Manual Learn
UK1 Frequencies Japanese
UK3 Control Steering Wheel, Accessory
ULS Lock Control Steering Column
UL2 Frequencies European Radio
UPF Wireless Interface Short Range, Voice Rec
US3 Antenna Diversity
US8 Radio AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, CD, Auto Tone, Clock ETR, MP3, RDS
US9 Radio AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, RDS, Multiple Compact Disc, Auto Tone Control, Clock, ETR, MP3
UV6 Display Head Up
U19 Speedometer Instrument, Kilometer and Miles, Kilometer Odometer
U2J Digital Audio System S-Band, Not Installed
U2K Digital Audio System S-Band
U3U Radio AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, DVD, CD, Clock ETR, Navigation, Voice Rec , MP3
U3Z Radio AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, DVD, CD, Clock, ETR Navigation, Voice Rec, MP3, VICS
U52 Cluster Instrument, Electronic
U65 Speaker System 7, Premium
U66 Speaker System 7, Custom
VAW Handling Charge Bowling Green Assembly To Tecstar Bowling Green KY and Return To Bowling Green Assembly
VA5 Language Label English
VBX Language Label Arabic
VB1 Label Shipping, Japan
VCJ Handling Charge Bowling Green Assembly to Ground Effects LTD, Bowling Green KY and Return to Bowling Green Assembly
VC4 Label Price/Fuel Economy, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
VC5 Label Shipping, Except US, US Possessions, or Japan
VDA Accessory Mesh Package
VDD Vehicle Information DVD, Customer Orientation
VDN Accessory Cover - Vehicle, Indoor, Flag Logo
VEB Accessory Pedal Cover Set
VEU Accessory Wheels, 18/19 inch, Alloy, Polished
VFS Accessory Wheels, 18/19 inch, Alloy, Chrome
VG6 Label Information Bumper Impact, 5 mph, California
VH3 Label Information Bumper Impact, 5 mph , Hawaii
VH5 Plate Vehicle Identification
VH9 Envelope Owner Information Manual
VJ5 Accessory Cover - Vehicle, Outdoor, Flag Logo
VKG Modification Requirement, Lead-Free Compliant
VK3 License Plate Front, Front Mounting Package
VLN Accessory Windscreen
VL4 License Plate Front Mounting Package, EEC
VL6 License Plate Front, Front Mounting Package, Japanese
VL7 Label Information Bumper Impact, 5 mph, Front and Rear, New York
VPK Sales Package Corvette Accessory Package A
VPL Sales Package Corvette Accessory Package B
VQJ Handling Charge Bowling Green Assembly to Accessories in Motion, Louisville KY and Return to Bowling Green Assembly
VS7 Vehicle Non-Saleable
VT7 Owners Manual English Language
VZ3 Label Mercury Disposal Notification
V1R Handling Charge Holden Sup One Border Crossing
V1S Handling Charge Holden Sup Two Borders Crossing
V76 Hook Tow
V8C Vehicle Statement Mexico
V8D Vehicle Statement US
V8E Vehicle Statement Canada
V83 Vehicle Statement ECE Organization
V87 Vehicle Statement Gulf States Organization
WDV Warranty Waiver Partial Deductible
WG4 Model Conversion Grand Sport
W11 Navigation Disc Data NAV Data 1
W12 Navigation Disc Data NAV Data 2
W92 Sales Direct Sale
XBH Tire Front P245/40ZR18 LL (88Y) BW RF4
XFA Tire Front P275/35ZR18 LL (87Y) BW RF4
XFG Tire Front P285/30ZR19 LL BW RF4
XL7 Frequencies Rating 315 MHZ, Long Distance
XL8 Frequencies Rating 433 MHZ
XW6 Paint Finish Metallic
YE8 Vehicle Test, Engineering
YFJ Tire Rear P325/30ZR19 LL (94Y) BW RF4
YF5 Certification Emission, California
YPI Tire Rear P285/35ZR19 LL (90Y) BW RF4
YPS Tire Rear P335/25ZR20 LL BW RF4
Y6X Test Pre Order Evaluation
ZR1 Performance Package Special Coupe
ZR6 Show Vehicle Zone
ZV6 Modification Rear Shock Damping, European Requirement
Z15 Sales Package Grand Sport Collector Edition
Z16 Performance Package Grand Sport
Z49 Country Canada
Z5X Mirror Provision Arabic Language
Z51 Performance Package Handling
Z52 Merchandised Package Dry Sump System
0B1 Embroidery Embroidery, Cross Flags
02I Interior Trim Cobalt Red (04)
023 Trim Combination Leather, Cobalt Red (3) (05)
026 Trim Combination Leather, Ebony/Cobalt Red (6) (07)
1SZ Discount Option Package
1ZR Package ZR Option 1
10U Primary Color Exterior, Arctic White (02)
17A Stripe Color Accent, Silver (91)
17U Primary Color Exterior, Switchblade Silver Metallic (09)
19I Interior Trim Ebony (I) (00)
193 Trim Combination Leather, Ebony (3) (00)
195 Trim Combination Leather, Ebony, (5) (01)
2LT Package LT Option 2
2LZ Package LZ Option 2
2SS Package SS Option 2
2ZR Package ZR Option 2
24I Interior Trim Ebony/Brick (I) (07)
245 Trim Combination Leather, Ebony/Brick (5) (08)
3LT Package LT Option 3
3LZ Package LZ Option 3
3ZR Package ZR Option 3
31I Interior Trim Ebony/Light Cashmere (I) (07)
313 Trim Combination Leather, Ebony/Light Cashmere (3) (07)
316 Trim Combination Leather, Ebony/Light Cashmere (6) (07)
35T Top Color Gray Beige (05)
37T Top Color Titan Gray (05)
4LT Package LT Option 4
4LZ Package LZ Option 4
40A Stripe Color Accent, White (91)
41T Top Color Black (96)
41U Primary Color Exterior, Black (02)
42I Interior Trim Ebony/Very Light Linen (I) (08)
425 Trim Combination Leather, Ebony/Very Light Linen (5) (08)
45U Primary Color Exterior, Velocity Yellow Tintcoat (06)
5LZ Package LZ Option 5
5V5 Accessory Spoiler
57U Primary Color Exterior, Cyber Gray Metallic (09)
70U Primary Color Exterior, Torch Red (02)
75A Stripe Color Accent, Red (91)
78I Interior Trim Ebony/Dark Titanium (I) (09)
785 Trim Combination Leather, Ebony/Dark Titanium (5) (09)
84I Interior Trim Light Titanium (06)
843 Trim Combination Leather, Light Titanium (843) (06)
846 Trim Combination Leather, Ebony/Light Titanium (6) (07)
85U Primary Color Exterior, Bluestream Tintcoat (08)
89U Primary Color Exterior, Crystal Claret Tintcoat (08)
90A Stripe Color Accent, Medium Gray (96)

MrDiag and other Chevy Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am currently planning on taking my Corvette to the drag strip. As you
know, it is an LS3 with a paddle shifter.

What is the procedure for efficient drag racing with this car? I have heard
several stories and they are all different i.e. use paddle shift, start in
second gear, don't do starting line burn-outs, don't use paddle shifter,
power brake to 2000rpm before launching, etc..

Also, I am still looking for a good technical text book, journal or
whatever to assist me with better understanding my vette. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,